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02/11/19 09:32 AM #90    


Bill Leggett

The pig comments


I found it in some old RHS papers, from a SOCIAL SECIENCE class at RHS. It was about History of the world ancient period to present time Sociology is the study of Human nature in all FORMS. It is not a political statement as some have said to me it is HISTORY. 

ANY COMLPENTS Please send them JIM or Ms. M. I will be glade to quit posting on the site




02/11/19 11:43 AM #91    


Mardi Gonyea (Nicklin)

Ehhhhh where do I begin. I know our site is not supposed to post articles or make comments relating to political issues and not discuss things that are religious based....but the article Bill posted originated in an article that occured in the Roswell Coyote newspaper which I thought everyone saw at the bottom of the posting. I found it interesting as heck for the time period it was written. I'm the one that came back with a political based comment....sorta' so I am the guilty party. I know we are on here to socialize with each other. I guess if anyone would like Bil or my pay for doing the job they can fill out an application and get hired to do it. Just saying. Luv N Hugs

02/11/19 11:46 AM #92    


Richard A. Marcum

I have usually enjoyed reading your posts, but regardless where you found this, it still has a lot of “current political jargon” in it.  Don’t you agree?  I just want to read about what my fellow classmates are doing.  I can get as political pissed-off crazy as the next guy...but I save that for my Facebook page.   Don’t drop out, but I think most would agree that we don’t want to turn our alum site into a political pissing contest.



02/11/19 12:47 PM #93    


Richard A. Marcum


I just couldn’t believe that Karl Mark...the author of, The Communist Manifesto, made the statement you posted, as the quote appears to me to be anti-socialist.  However, after researching the pig story, I learned that he did indeed say it.  In my opinion the quote is not in concert with the “communist” concepts.  To me the pig story sounds like many of the conservative - far right mantras.  So let me eat a ‘small’ plate of crow and lessen my questioning of the story’s authenticity ...and admit to the team that I verified the story was indeed stated by Karl Marx.  Now with my meek apology made (grumble, grumble), I would still suggest that we...as RHS or GHS alumni news letter followers, leave any political inference out of our dialogue.  

And while I am in this highly unusual admission to an error, I must admit that the Goddard touch-down pass was thrown over me as I mis-read the play, and thus the 1966 game ended in a tie.  You can touch base with anyone on the field that night and they will validate my guilt.  (Oh, I have been wanting to admit to that horrible sin for 59 years.)

So how many “Hale Marys” do I have to say? (Or did I also miss-spell ‘Hale’ and it should be ‘Hail’.  It makes no difference they both sound the same.)











02/11/19 10:54 PM #94    


Bill Leggett


RICK No problem, It was an OLD RHS paper, I, found or my sister did when going Thru, some stuff my MOM kept. My Mon kept all my reports cards even the ones with an F or TWO on them. My Mom was 99 years old when she passed away last Oct 31st 2018..

I have some things I would rather not remember wink  I left  some of the article out just for the reason it was to political.

I love reading History, They always say that HISTORY will repeated it self . I for got who made the statement that NO enemy would destroy the U.S. A. BUT it would be destroy from with in it self.

I have TWO (2) History Books from 1880 to the 1900's Just reading somethings an compare it to our time now. It  WOULD SHOUCK YOU, 



02/12/19 08:51 AM #95    


Margaret W. "Peggy" Ware (Koger)

Well, that was fun!  I missed the pig article, but enjoyed Rick’s mea culpa. LOL !  And, I missed that football game, darn it! 



02/12/19 04:08 PM #96    


Richard A. Marcum

  Good comments all.  Let me reply.  1)  I don’t want anyone to quit commenting..everyone’s doing a great job, 2) Biil, you are exactly right history does repeat itself...and you don’t have to go back that far to see it.  Does the word “Macarthyism” ring a bell..and that was in our lifetime.  And you are right, the fall of our country will come from within.  And if I can comment along the way that might reduce the inner scwabbling, I am going to do so.  

There was recently a big hub bub about these pro football players falling to a knee.  And as an ex football player remembering how I needed to psych myself up before a game...I can assure you the national anthem was the very last thing that was on my flea-brain.  To me it is a football game...a time for the crowd to enjoy...that is unless you are playing in it.   And for the record, to me football was one of the most horrific memories of high school and college...but that’s another book to write.  So, I just really enjoy this little newsletter...hearing about grandchildren, travel, seeing current photos of folks.  Any comments that even touches a potential controversy, I start putting my hands over my eyes and start going “nay nay nay nay”.  Let’s all stay friends!!  

And to Peggy, is it Hale Mary or is it Hail Mary?


02/12/19 06:40 PM #97    


Bill Leggett

Rich; we can agree to disagree. In school I would disagree with the teacher when they stated that my answer incorrect. Then ask them why? Always had them waste time tellen me why. USED up a lot of class time until the Bell rang. devil 


02/12/19 09:07 PM #98    

Berry Cottrell Ives

Hey, just thought I’d excercise my bragging rights to say my son Zach was recently appointed by our governor  to the bench of the NM Court of Appeals.  This is the level between the NM District Courts and the NM Supreme Court.  He has been in private practice in ABQ up until now.  I don’t think I’m supposed to provide a link here, but if you want to see the press release you can likely find it by googling “governor fills appeals court vacancy.”  :) 

02/12/19 10:38 PM #99    


James A "Jim" White

That is wonderful news, Berry. Thanks for sharing your son's successes with us. You have a lot to be proud of. Family is the best.

02/12/19 10:38 PM #100    


James A "Jim" White

That is wonderful news, Berry. Thanks for sharing your son's successes with us. You have a lot to be proud of. Family is the best.

02/12/19 11:14 PM #101    

Deborah Pike


How wonderful that your son is a Judge in Applet court! He must be smart like his Dad. Makes a parent proud doesn't it,?laugh


02/13/19 09:36 AM #102    


Margaret W. "Peggy" Ware (Koger)

Hail Mary! 😇

02/13/19 11:34 AM #103    

Laurie Anne Shuey (Andersen)

I have some very dear French-Canadian friends who will be exploring the Southwest for the next month.  They mentioned Houston, the Grand Canyon, White Sands, Las Vegas and ROSWELL as places that they want to visit.

Jean and Lyne Hebert are really fun people.  Lyne works at Celine Dion's Resort, and Jean is a mechanic in the Canadian military who spends his vacations in south Texas converting military tanks into fire-fighting vehicles. They vacationed in Italy recently.  My husband, Andy, met Jean years ago when they traveled with a Rolex Racing Team, and their son stayed with us one summer in order to improve his English.

Is there anyone in Roswell who is willing to greet them, offer advice on restaurants, drinks, lodging, places to visit, etc.,?   (I tried to tell them about Dickie Davis' liquor store as a place to see, but I couldn't remember the name or address of the establishment.)  If so, please email me ASAP at laurie1217@charter.net  or text me at 1-817-789-0600.

02/15/19 08:16 AM #104    


Margaret W. "Peggy" Ware (Koger)

Laurie,  if they want to add Gilbert to their list, I’d be happy to host them!



02/15/19 10:50 PM #105    


Bill Leggett

California Weather!


  1. RAIN

  2. RAIN


  4. WIND & RAIN







02/17/19 01:33 AM #106    

Deborah Pike

Sounds like our weather. Rain in buckets 15 minutes of sun and then heavy rain, Then SNOW on the mountain. We are freezing here!!!!!sad

02/17/19 09:41 AM #107    


James A "Jim" White

On this President's Day Weekend I'd like to post this picture of USAF (Retired) RHONDA BERNING ZINN who I was fortunate to catch up with this past week in south Texas. Rhonda is recovering from shoulder surgery which I am told by firefighters, who all seem to need or have had shoulder surgery, "It is one of the most painful surgeries to recover from." Thanks for meeting with me, Rhonda.

Also, a super birthday today to GAYLE MOORE DIORIO, who was once run over on a Padre Island beach by a pickup driver who did not see her tanning on the beach (UGH!); and to LARRY BLOUNT whose birthday is tomorrow and who represented this class well as highway patrolman.

Finally, let me say, JIM BROWN, TERRY BOONE, time to report in on your trip to Thailand and send pictures. DORIS FLOOD BURTON, how is Gerald adapting to living in Nebraska in the winter (compared to Albq.)? Everyone else report in on your activities and send pictures.

02/17/19 10:08 AM #108    


Bill Leggett

One of my grandson's an his wife Stacey came by yesterday! #2 Great GRANDSON in late July or or the 1st of August  


02/17/19 11:01 AM #109    

Patricia "Patsi" Hughes

Boy your having fun,. Love seeing all these people and post. When you get back up this way let me know, hopefully a couple of days ahead. 

02/18/19 08:39 AM #110    

Laurie Anne Shuey (Andersen)

Thanks, Peggy.   Where is Gilbert?   I'll see if it is on their itinerary.

02/18/19 01:29 PM #111    


Mardi Gonyea (Nicklin)

Hey Jim just a great posting of you and Rhonda. I am so glad that you got to make the connection and that you have enjoyed Texas so much. It would be so cool if you could come back through the first week in April to enjoy Fiesta. People dancing in the streets and tons of great food. I am hoping Rhonda is recovering well from her surgery.

I have to apologize to Jill Webster Reed. I was out most of the week-end, our weather is through the roof insanely spring-like and everyone is taking advantage of it in a big way. I just signed on today and noticed messages. I signed off for a brief time over the week-end but didnt look at the message board. I am so sorry I missed you. I hope you had a great time at Fredericksburg, TX Trades Days.

I join Jim in wishing all a super Happy Biirthday. Sending my Luv N Hugs to all.

02/18/19 01:31 PM #112    


Mardi Gonyea (Nicklin)

Bill super exciting about #2 great on the way!! Luv N Hugs

02/19/19 11:34 AM #113    


James A "Jim" White

I am sorry to hear JILL WEBSTER REED was in Fredricksburg and I did not know. We were possibly close enough to go see her. I am glad Kathy and I were able to see Jill and Harold in Ft. Worth.

This Friday we are going to Lake Conroe, north of Houston, for three weeks. I hope to catch up with many classmates if I can and if I know they live there.

Did I tell you BOYCE McFARLAND and his daughter attended a Cher concert? What fun that would be. Kathy and I saw her ourstanding show about 20 years ago. It was exciting.

TERRY BOONE and JIM BROWN, you are way overdue on reporting on your Thailand trip. RICK MARCUM, how has the move to D/FW been and is your Florida home being rebuilt? MARY HUSEMOLLER, been to Italy or Portugal or anywhere else lately that I do not know about? I wonder if ROGER CARL is still teaching overseas every now and then? We all need to say "thanks" to JIM NAPIER for finding obituaries for us to post. Thank you, Jim, for caring. MARGARET NICHOLS is no longer online or checking this website, but super thanks for MICHAEL AUSTIN KELLY for keeping Margaret in the know. Margaret does care about classmates very, very much. Yes, CHIP KING did answer his phone and he is alive and well living in Florida, but not traveling much. I have not heard from MIKE TURNER, LOUIS BAGWELL, BARBY MITCHELL or WALLY REYNOLDS in ages. I imagine DANNY DANIELS is still trying to slow down in his business, not in his life. Remember, Danny is the one that drove 175 MPH last year or so in the race he was in. His driving partner got it up over 220 MPH.

Classmates, check in on the friends you grew up with. There are many you will never have a chance again.

JIM WHITE  <--1 of 3 website administrators

02/20/19 08:08 PM #114    


Richard A. Marcum

In response to the question, “are we rebuilding our house?” NO!!  Our house was totally destroyed and with the emense devistation of Panama City (look at the many YouTube.com videos of Hurricane Michael) it would take us three years to get a contractor to rebuild it.  The population of Panama City has now shrunk by 25%.  And to rebuild would also cost much more than the original cost.  We elected to pay a very high premium for our home owners insurance...and it paid off.  I got ALL my money back on what the house originally cost...and then some!  So why did I buy the most expensive insurance???  Because there had been soooo verrry many hurricanes in that part of the U.S.  And to any and all non-believers in ‘global warming’, let me tell you this.  We built the house in 2009 and by the time Hurricane Michael hit, the sea level at our house had increased by at least 18”.

I don’t think I could have sold our house at the market pricing and done as well as I did with the insurance company.  We are doing well here in Dallas,  where more than half of my CPA wife’s clients reside.   For 15 months we lived in Ecuador and only a few of her clients knew we were out of the country.

There is a point to my little rant and it is this.  We live in an era of change...climate...technology...and economics ....politics...and much more.  Every day we need to wake up like a rabbit and take a look around and look for both challenges and opportunities.  In Africa a new borne wildebeest has a ten times more chance of survival to live his first year than a new born lion cub.   Why?   Because the lion pride stays put in its designated territory...and the wildebeest chases the rain...or better stated...the wildebeest chases opportunity, whereas the lion sits waiting for opportunity to come his way.

I’m just sayin’.  An observation as I see it.  Wish you all well!



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