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03/30/19 10:56 AM #149    


Karen McCarty (Fink)

I am enjoying the pictures and the posts of each of you! I should be doing other chores, but find myself sitting in my recliner with my feet up reading your posts! Now I must get to work around the house! On a side note, I finally ate at a Chuy’s while visiting Austin to see my granddaughter this week. OMG, this was the BEST Tex-Mex food I have ever eaten. I will have to go back as we do not have a Chuy’s anywhere near me! A side note, Bill, I hope you and your wife are doing well after surgery (if it has happened yet). Many prayers for recovery. Enjoying your sense of humor. Could not get through this life without humor for sure!

03/30/19 06:47 PM #150    


James A "Jim" White

A very happy birthday to a wonderful young lady, LOUISE YBARRA CHRISTENSEN. From this point forward, Louise, you only have to celebrate your birthday every decade. Keep travlin'




04/01/19 07:40 PM #151    


Walton Taylor "Wally" Reynolds

hello out there!  just letting you allknow im alive and well  still kickingsmiley

04/04/19 07:04 PM #152    


James A "Jim" White

Thanks for checking in, WALLY REYNOLDS. It has been a couple years since you have. Let us know about your Chevy Nova (if I remember) and your grandchildren. I also missed MIKE HAMMONDS birthday a couple days ago. Mike was such a great class leader and also helpful with our 50-year reunion banquet. The families Mike has helped, both as a pastor and as an insurance agent, are innumerable. Talking about the reunion banquet, how about today's birthday girl, BRENDA RIDENER BRADLEY, who organized and led us in the class song. What a wonderful and talented lady you are, Brenda. Thank you for taking the leadership in the music department. You are the best!  I met Randy Sparks three months ago. He is 86 years young and the leader of The New Christy Minstrels and song writer of "Today." I told him "Today" was our class song ... then I told him I was from Roswell. ha While Kathy and I are in Florida, next week we will be seeing KAREN McCARTY FINK and BILLY and MARGIE SLOAN the following week. CHIP and BONNIE KING, see you in May after we visit the Keys. Hugs to all.

RANDY SPARKS, founding member of The New Christy Minstrels.

JIM and KATHY in New Orleans. Have you been there lately?


04/11/19 11:19 AM #153    


James A "Jim" White

First, today we wish MARY SUE GAINES DePASS a very happy birthday! Mary, you were a delight in high school, so funny and friendly. Perhaps, that is why (if memory serves me) you were selected the first African-American Homecoming Queen at UNM. You are a leader and have been all your life. 

Classmates may wonder "why" I try to locate classmates as Kathy and I travel (currently in our 19th state) in the 5th-Wheel BOYCE McFARLAND gave us.  Speaking of Boyce, he is currently in Sweden on a short ten day trip. I recognize I have a weird affinity for clasmates I grew up with (yes, similar to MARDI GONYEA NICKLIN) so try to find people I have history with. One of the stupidest comments I have heard from a classmate that doesn't care about people he grew up with was, "I am so past high school." Duh, aren't we all? Everyone has new friends, battle buddies, colleagues and experiences but to shun people that share your history makes you a fool in my eyes. 'Nuff said.

When I meet classmates they are such gracious hosts. Take KAREN McCARTY FINK, for example. This sweet lady grew up in an AF family like many of our classmates. Although in Roswell a fairly short time, she loves her Roswell friends and this class. Karen lost her husband unexpectedly just six weeks ago, but that did not keep her from making certain Kathy and I have a wonderful time in this area, north of Tampa. Thank you, Karen. You are the best and so much FUN!  .

KATHY, JIM and KAREN having dinner on the deck overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. 

 JIM and KAREN wondering "Where are the dolphins?" Actually, they came back around sunset.


 JIM and KATHY looking at the sunset from Pine Island, Florida. KAREN was the photographer.

 Pine Island approaching sunset. I wonder if RICK MARCUM, who has a birthday in three days, misses the Gulf Waters ('tho not the hurricane that destroyed his lovely home on the water)?

May each of you be blessed as much as Kathy and I are with friends, family, health and travels.

Jim W.

04/13/19 07:36 AM #154    


Terry Michael Boone


.HI Jim,  Thanks for your many posts. I really enjoy seeing where you are traveling, your pictures, and the classmates you run into.  You're having a wonderful experience full of memories you'll have for the rest of your life.  It was really generous of Boyce to give you that 5th wheel, which allowed you to make this special lifestyle happen. Please keep posting.  where are you traveling to next?  Hopefully you will be able to come through DFW on your way back west.  Would love to have you and Kathy come out to Possum Kingdom and stay at my lakehouse.  I know Jim Brown wants to come out too.  Would like to coordinate you and he and maybe a couple others visiting.  I know it's a little far off, but please let me know the dates you might be here when you figure it out and I will get going on putting something together.  Don't know I could show you as good of a time as some of our other classmates, but I'll really, really try.


04/13/19 10:56 AM #155    

Doris Lee Flood (Burton)

Hey, Terry.  I was surprised to learn in your post to Jim that you are living in a lake house at Possum  Kingdom Lake in Texas.  I live in Breckenridge, Texas (just a 45-minute drive) from PK for almost 40 years.  Don't get back to BRK very often; however, both my kids are living in Breckenridge.  May get there after our remodel is done at our home in Kimball, Nebraska.  It's a 19-hour drive to BRK.  I made the drive in one day about 10 years ago, but not sure I can push it that much anymore! - Doris Flood Burton

04/13/19 11:48 AM #156    


Bill Leggett

Just got out of the hospital late yesterday, from having back surgery. What problems are you having . Before anyone ask they fused L-3 down to S-1 that L3,L4,L5,&S-1laugh

04/13/19 06:02 PM #157    


Mardi Gonyea (Nicklin)

Hello sweet classmates,

I am trying to do some catch-up, as I have been gone for the past couple of weeks.

Been trying to call you, Bill, and so far havent made the connection. I hope you are recovering well after such a serious surgery. You are in my thoughts and prayers dear friend.

For the first time in five years I was able to travel. I get tired pretty quickly, but just to be able to go on a "road trip" with my son and his wife, was just a huge blessing.

Love all you're postings Jim and Kathy, and love your stories.

Sending Luv and Hugs to all of you.

04/14/19 05:46 AM #158    


Terry Michael Boone

HI Doris,  Yes, I remember that you lived in Breckenridge for many years.  Nice little quaint town.  We still live in Southlake, but bought a house on the peninsula.  We really love it here and I imagine we'll spend more and more time here as the years go on.  The location is as close to our house in Southlake as anywhere on the lake.  Takes us 1:45-2:00 hours to get here.  Next time you are in Breckenridge, let me know ahead of time.  We'd love to have you come visit-as you know it's not that far from Breckenridge.


04/14/19 09:40 AM #159    


Bill Leggett

Mardi & Jim, do you see the difference in the classmates see who lives within driving distance of each. after you had the WHAT New page changed to what it is now.   

Only 7 pages right now but it will have more as classmate post on the site.

It helps other classmtes see what is going on 


04/14/19 01:23 PM #160    


Karen McCarty (Fink)

First of all, a BIG shout out to Bill Leggett. So glad the surgery is over and now on the recovery time. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you navigate through the healing period. Be kind to yourself and don’t overdo. Mardi, how very special to travel with your son and his wife! What part of our great country did you travel to? I’m so happy that you got to spend time with your son. To Jim and Kathy. I had such a special visit with you for two days you were in my area. It was a bittersweet visit as my husband is now passed and he was also looking forward to the visit. We caught up on most of the happenings of the last 55 years and traveled back (in our minds) to 1963–65 and our fun high school shenanigans. Some of us had a harder time getting through high school than others, but you know what, it was our life and made us the people we are today. I don’t regret a single minute. It is extra special to be able to reconnect with those high school memories once again and realize how quickly this life will pass us by. Don’t waste a single minute folks! Be kind to others and enjoy what time you have left on this earth. No one knows how long they may have here. Thank you Jim and Kathy for sharing your travels with us. As Roy Rogers used to say, “Happy trails to you until we meet again!”

04/15/19 12:11 PM #161    


Bill Leggett

04/15/19 02:12 PM #162    


Mardi Gonyea (Nicklin)

Bill, even though you might not see yourself as one TOB (tough old bird!!) you really are. A very invasive surgery and you are functioning...I am proud of you.

Karen, I am so glad you had such an amazing visit with Jim and Kathy. I have always said, "Jim is the glue that holds our class togethe." He is too modest to admit it. But, the memory stories are just the best. I get a kick out of sometimes the "different versions" of the same story. One thing I've learned at this age is that there are just a bunch of different versions, different perspectives, sometimes on the same event. It happens with friendships and it happens even in families. I can bring up a subject in my family, an event, and each of my sister's and brother will tell a different version of how they saw the event. It used to make me mad because I thought my version was the correct version. Know, I am able to listen easily and enjoy that person's version. I am so much more easy going at this age then I ever was....ha!! You are so right, life is so very short, especially when you lose someone you love.

My son is living in Bryan/College Station, TX., home of the Texas Aggies. The entire twin city rotates around everything Aggie. It reminded me of Salt Lake City, UT how the entire city has most of their main streets circling the Tabernacle. In "Aggie-ville" if you aren't associated with the college in some way, there are some beautiful ranches. Their country-side was so green from all the great rains we have had this year. He lives on a ranch in a tiny area, Millican, TX. Just a very cool area.

Be well and love each other with kindness. Luv N Hugs

04/16/19 11:44 AM #163    


Terry Michael Boone

Bill,  Good luck on your recovery.  Back surgeries are never easy, but they can sure make a big difference in quality of life.  You are just fortunate that they are able to fix what is wrong with you.  I have scoliosis in the pelvic area.  Two specialists have told me best not to operate.  Instead I take a drug cocktail of a nerve relaxer, a muscle relaxer and a pain medicine.  In the last three years I've shrunk from 6'2" to 5'10"-with no end in sight.  Who knows, I may be a midget in a few years.indecision                                                                                                  

On a more positive note, I just had my second total knee replacement a little over two weeks ago.  For anyone having serious knee problems, I highly recommend this surgery.  The results of my first knee replacement  is that I have the knee of a teenager-no pain, full flexibility, and very stable.  The downside is that recovery/rehab is very painful and prolonged.  Also important to have a qualified surgeon.  Mine does 400-500 knee replacements a year.  A third-party nurse called last week to see how I was doing.  She asked what was my pain level.  I told her right now about a 3.  She said she just got off the phone with a guy who had his operation about the same time as me and his pain level was a 9-but he had a different surgeon.  Anybody thinking about this surgery-my adivice is to have it now, rather than later.  No sense in going through the misery any longer than you have to.                                                                                           




04/16/19 02:39 PM #164    


Karen McCarty (Fink)

Terry, Happy healing to you. Hope to meet more new old friends at our next reunion. Take care. Mardi, thanks for sharing your trip news. I am happy for you and it’s always good to get back home too. Since Jim and Kathy are taking their bed around with them they don’t have any time to miss their bed at home...it travels right with them. I’m so glad they have discovered new places for me to visit right in Tampa... who knew, and I’ve lived here five years! I’ve got some new music venues to visit in the future since they have checked it out already. Have a blessed Easter everyone!

04/16/19 03:59 PM #165    


James A "Jim" White

 WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK IT? I mentioned some time ago that I use to think I had a twin. My parents were good friends with Bill Sloan's parents. I forgot who was first but one of our fathers called the other set of parents and said, "We have a baby boy." That evening the other father called back and said, "Guess what? We have a baby boy." Billy and I were born on the same day and since or families were so close and visited often, I thought Billy and I were twins until age 5 or so when I was told otherwise. Well, that twin kinship must still be working. 

Bill and Margie knew Kathy and I were in Florida. They knew we would be going somewhere near their town today as we transitioned to another RV park in central Florida, but they had doctor appointments in another town so we could not catch up .... that is .... unless Bill and Margie happen to pass an RV on the Interstate (they did not what road we would be taking or what size, kind, color or RV or that it was a 5th-Wheel) and phone us and said, "I think we just passed you." Really? Are you kidding? They did not recognize the 5th-Wheel or the Washington license plates but we happened to be following a gray Nissan and they were in it. Was my driving so bad? What identified us? What are the chances for a chance sighting and hookup on the Interstate? 

Jim White and Bill Sloan on April 16, 2019.

04/17/19 01:25 AM #166    


Bill Leggett

29 OR 30 OF THEM


04/17/19 09:54 AM #167    


Karen McCarty (Fink)

My goodness Bill! That is called a major surgery! May you recover quickly and many prayers coming your way!

04/17/19 09:57 AM #168    


Karen McCarty (Fink)

Jim, amazing! It was meant to be that you would “find” each other! You two even look very similar! No doctor appointment was gonna keep you from seeing each other. I hope you have more time to visit later. What a great story!

04/17/19 12:14 PM #169    


Mardi Gonyea (Nicklin)

Bill it looks like you are healng well. The staples will come out soon enough and that will be progress, for sure.

Reminds me of all the staples I had in the top of my legs when they did a muscle transplant to rebuild my abdominal wall....which later did not take!

Terry, you are so right about selecting the right surgeon to do the job. My brother who was career US Army, and one year younger than me, put off his knee replacement until the enth second. He had a good surgeon. If he hadn't been in such amazing health, we would have lost him. Shortly after his surgury he had an esophogial and abdominal rupture. They had to transfuse blood to him in the amount of almost 5 pints. He has now had a full recovery but it was hugely a close call. Like I said, if he had not been in such tip top physical shape (ran track in high school and was a Jump Master with over 150 jumps under his belt) the doctors said he would have been a "gonner."

I'll tell you, this aging process, many of us watching different body parts mal-function, need to be replaced, fall apart completely is something a whole bunch of us had NO clue what we were signing up to face....but, as they say...and when "they" say it, we feel liking slapping "them," "beats the alternative!' Besides, even IF we did know....who the heck would have believed them!! Thankfully, each day I DO wake up....I am a really happy person....and I stagger to the kitchen for my coffee (a remedy for a whole host of ailments...ha).

OK, Jim, I KNOW you and Billy have the extra terrestrial antenna and NOW I am convinced of it!! You two better buy a lottery ticket, because the odds of you two meeting up like that are just crazy!!

Oh by the way, I have been meaning to ask you all....Are any of you watching the new series on the channel called the CW, the new version called, "Roswell, New Mexico." Originally, I was going to watch it just out of curiousity, but here I am watching and keeping up with it every week. It doesn't have any recognizable landmarks, IF it is even shot in Roswell. The storyline is pretty corny...but, for some goofy reason I keep watching it. Hmmmm maybe I have an extra-terestial connection to it...Ha.

Luv N Hugs,


04/17/19 01:18 PM #170    


Gilbert "Butch" Colbert

The CW show (Roswell, New Mexico) is filmed in Santa Fe and Las Vegas (NM) so it doesn't look like Roswell.

04/18/19 11:53 AM #171    


Charles J. "Chip" King


These movie makers gravitate to the communities who offer the biggest financial incentives and are located close to the subject.

A poorer community like Roswell, is at a disadvantage when affluent cities like Santa Fe offer higher incentives to film in their cities.

04/18/19 06:17 PM #172    


Margaret W. "Peggy" Ware (Koger)

Jim, that was a guardian angel watching over you for sure!  Glad you go to visit with your twin. 

Bill, that is one helluva scar! I hope you are able to to sleep.  God love ya! 


04/19/19 01:29 PM #173    


Bill Leggett

Jim W all Bill Sloan' needs  a beard an it would be hard to tell you two apartwink

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