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10/07/19 11:14 AM #409    


Terry Michael Boone

This is the first that I had heard about the scholarships that Laurie was giving in the name of her deceased husband.  What a nice way of keeping his memory alive!  I just talked to Laurie last week.  She is always so upbeat and positive, inspite of all the severe problems that Andy is having due to his time in Vietnam and his encounter with agent orange.  I wish I could be as strong as her.   Makes me reaize my problems are pretty miniscule, by comparison.  My wife and I are looking forward to visiting them in the next few weeks.                      On another note, I am finally following through on taking Rick Marcum's advice and going to Machu Picchu.  My brother and I leave Wednesday for Lima, then Cusco, then the Sacred Valley.  We then do a 3.5 hour hike up Huayna Picchu peak and then down into Machu Picchu.  Get back a week from Thursday.  One more thing to cross off my bucket list.



10/08/19 10:24 AM #410    


Margaret W. "Peggy" Ware (Koger)

You and Laurie should go on tour! You’re both so darned much fun to talk to !!

Terry, you must be in fantastic shape.

My news is that Fred and I are joining my kids and grandkids in Donegal, Ireland.
My oldest grandson is getting married there the first week in November. We will then have the whole Rusty Mackerel pub to ourselves for the reception.
Oh, that’s gonna be rowdy and fun.

Fred and I will then fly to Florence for one last hurrah before my arthritis takes hold. LOL

Best to all of you,

10/08/19 10:51 AM #411    


Karen McCarty (Fink)

What wonderful news from those of you who have posted lately. Many great family memories to add to the memory books. I will be living vicariously through all the travels and anxiously awaiting the photos to follow. When I share these stories of travels with my local friends, they are amazed that we have such a lively and active group of retirees and former classmates still so active and sharing their experiences on our class website. The credit really goes to Jim White and Mardi Gonyea Nicklin who are the best cheerleaders and motivational people I know! Of course, none of it would happen without the strong admin and web support we have in Bill Leggett. If I’ve left anyone else off this list, I apologize in advance. I am just so thankful that this connection is available and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each of you again through this site. I encourage anyone reading this to let your hair down,  take a chance, live a little dangerously and share your news with your fellow former classmates. You never really know whose life you will touch and make a difference in. Terry, enjoy your adventures in Peru. Peggy, I can’t think of a better place to have a wedding celebration! Laurie, enjoy your time together with your husband and I know you are making each day together magical. Jim and Kathy, I love knowing you both are enjoying each day and encouraging us all to share our stories and pictures. Bill, keep up the great work on the webpage and adding those cute funnies when we need something to lighten the mood. I am looking forward to enjoying more adventures and pictures!

10/09/19 08:40 PM #412    


James A "Jim" White

Love those classmates. There is a bond that few can understand. Allow me to tell you about a few of our classmates.

One of the Class of '66 greatest musicians is BOBBY ALLISON pictured here with his saint of a wife, Ernie, and my saint of a wife, Kathy. We visited them early this year and may actually see them again next week if the stars line up correctly. Bobby and Ernestine live in two places, lovely Ouray, Colorado in the summer and wonderful Longbeach, Mississippi in the winter. How great is that? They will be leaving Ouray for Longbeach in about three weeks.

Looking out of Bobby and Ernie's back deck in their Mississippi home. I know you see the small body of water in their complex, but do you recognize the large body of water across the street from their place? Yes, the incredible Gulf of Mexico with some of the sweetest white sand beaches around.

MARY HUSEMOLLER is alive and well in her old stomping grounds, Reno, NV. She and Bill lived there many years. She has been one busy classmate and we hope to hear a report from her once she has time.

KRIS ANDERSON SHEARER, our Math Goddess, has been holding out on us. Did you know she has been working at ENMU-Ruidoso for 7-years? I didn't, but LinkedIn told me she has. Hopefully all is well with Kris and she will report in sometime.

HAL HILL is alive and well. We missed each other in phone calls so I can only guess he is still in AZ. We hope Hal is enjoying life. 

JERRY ROBBINS is still performing in and around Albuquerque, and also near his 2nd home in Colorado. This week he is in Colorado so Kathy and I have to miss his singing this trip while in NM. That is too bad.

MICHELLE AUSTIN KELLY did manage a trip to Wyoming and Washington State this summer. Her son will be deployed maybe this week ... so we had a good talk since my son is currently deployed. Do you think any parents watch current events more than parents of deployed military children? MICHELLE also keeps an eye on MARGARET NICHOLS KUENZLER which we appreciate very much. MARGARET is not on the class website anymore if you have been trying to reach her.

Special thanks for DEBORAH PIKE who helped us search for MARILYN "BUNNY" HILLMAN on the island of Maui. We could not locate her but we will ... someday.

Yes, MILDRED ANDREWS FORD is alive and well, although she seems to like the lurker status. Just kidding, Mildred, but we all would like you to write and tell us what is going on in your life. Mildred is very active in her church and following her grandchildren.

As for Kathy and me, we will be leaving NM for AZ next week. We do not have a schedule yet but do know we fly out of Phoenix Nov-15 and return from Seattle Dec-11. Where in Arizona will we be? I have not a clue, other than we might go see the New Christy Minstrels perform Green-Green in Quartzsite on January 11th again. If we go to Thousand Trails in Palm Desert, we will have to look up LINDA HENRY CROWDER'S mother in Palm Springs. BARBARA BUZBEE, do you still live there? LOUISE YBARRA CHRISTENSEN, thanks for your updates and support of the class.

Hugs to everyone.


10/10/19 04:12 PM #413    


Robin E. Lostetter

Quick update . . . to get on Jim's "nice" list!

Last October my younger daughter, her older son, and I traveled to California to check in on my sister-in-law. While there, I managed to fit in a brief visit with Marilyn Miller Michael.  Great visit! Great trip!  My newly-13 grandson was also a really good traveling companion.

My oldest grandson is now stationed in Maryland with the Air Force, which seems to agree with him. His sister, my oldest grandchild, is in Ukraine with Peace Corps. She's matured quickly over there, and is enjoying teaching English. She now speaks Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian I presume, and German, having lived in Germany, Jordan, and western Ukraine. Her parents, my older daughter and her husband, took an exciting trip to visit her, and to see Romania, Poland, and Moldova.  Her photos were fabulous!

My anticipated summer trip to Colorado/NM was put off when I drove to Bar Harbor, ME instead, to visit a dear friend who landed in hospice care after a short bout with her 4th cancer diagnosis. Life just throws those punches sometimes.

This winter I hope to visit family and in-laws in NC & SC after the first of the year, and next summer I'm hoping to get to our denomination's General Assembly in Baltimore and visit friends and the few relatives who have stayed n the D.C. area. My niece there has promised me an opportunity to get back on a horse -- shh! Do not tell my orthopedist!!  I think perhaps a spa day right afterward would be wise.

Having driven a compact car for my entire adult life, I'm now enjoying the comfort - and gas-guzzling - of an SUV with the power to tote around a scooter for when I want to traverse even a block or so. Unfortunately post-polio hits back with breathing problems and other surprises just when you think you have all your hips and knees replaced and ready to go!  So I'm loving the luxury of my new wheels.  It's a whole new perspective (especially for a shorty like me!) and the first V-6 since I was in high school!  I'm still working, about 1/3 time, and I anticipate retiring in Rochester when the SUV lease is up. Then I'll give up the payments, the keys, and the insurance, and become better friends with Uber in Rochester!

Thanks, Jim and everybody, for keeping us all in touch!


10/11/19 08:37 AM #414    


Margaret W. "Peggy" Ware (Koger)


Great news, Robin! And I made sure you will be on Jim’s “nice” list. 



10/11/19 08:58 AM #415    

Mary Husemoller

Sounds like you’ve got it all under control, Robin. Good for you.



10/11/19 10:29 AM #416    


Karen McCarty (Fink)

It’s great to read about all your news Robin. I’m amazed that you are doing all your own driving across all the states! I don’t know why, but driving puts me to sleep so I have a difficult time driving very far... Thanks for sharing your news.

10/11/19 10:57 AM #417    


Mardi Gonyea (Nicklin)

Hi Robin,

I'll speak a good word on your behalf to tell Jim you need to be on his "nice" list...ha. I am so happy to receive you're life updates. I am thrilled for you that you got to have a visit with Marilyn. You are very brave to be able to maneuver that big vehicle. I would be running into everything in sight. Love hearing about your family.

My thoughts regarding my driving and hoping my 2004 Chevy which hasn't reached 100.000 miles will last 4 more years. I renew my driver's license next year, and I am thinking that will be my final time to renew. Although there are many of my older friends and folks here in my senior community who are driving while they are well into the 80's. I just don't think I will have the patience to drive that long. Being in a senior community, we have great riding options available. The plus side of riding on those is of course, no more mechanical and insurance expenses from owning a car.

So, you plan on retiring up North, close to where a whole lot of my Paternal ancestory came from and still live (Gonyea and Washburn), They are also in Malone, Syracuse and a couple other area's. I wish you great success with your plans.

So, classmates...are any of you thinking of hanging up your driving options yet? Giving up being able to just hop in the car and go to the grocery. go to doctor appointments, and just drive to grab a bite to eat is a tough call, for me, as I really love the freedom of having that option available.

Yikes, we got hit with the BIG coldfront...we went from 89 yesterday to 45 today!! Me, NOT being a lover of cold weather, opened my front door, felt the cold....said "Oh hell no!"....slammed it, turned off the air-conditioner and overhead fans and grabbed my socks!! Elizabeth and Judi I am sure you are laughing at me. I saw where you got hit with a huge snow storm way earlier than expected.

Sending my love and hugs

10/11/19 04:45 PM #418    


Robin E. Lostetter

Peggy and Mardi - thanks for putting in a good word with Jim. LOL!  

And Mary . . . if I gave the impression I had everything under control, I must have been embellishing the truth!  There was a time when I thought I did, but I've learned that that's a facade . . . and today, it's not even that!  Since I chose to be an interim pastor for the last years of my ministry, I've lived 4 places in the last 9 years - 4 different cities/towns, and 3 different states. So when I moved in here, I didn't even bother unboxing most things.  Anyone who visits must think I'm either moving in or moving out!  Under control?  Hardly, but thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt!

And now to Karen and Mardi re driving . . . I have always loved to drive!  And my new "Beast" is such a pleasure to drive - my only real luxury!  My 10 year old Corolla was in great condition, but I found the visibility difficult as I got shorter . . . and shorter . . . and shorter, and the seat got more compacted, and my neck hated turning hard more and more.  So I really wanted the safety alarms for nearby cars and pedestrians.  And a V-6?  Holy Smokes!  It's scary powerful compared to any car I've driven after selling my beloved Mustang in 1970!

But it was tough for several weeks getting used to the size . . . in fact, I dented my door (skip the boring details) because I couldn't see the distance to the low barrier, so it's already in the shop!!  It's a lease, so I have to fix it. I will probably NEVER parallel park it, but fortunately i have been able to park wherever I need to in this lazy little winery town.  And as for lengthy drives . . . I pull over and sleep for half an hour if I get sleepy. "Nobody's the boss of me!"

OK, this is more than I've shared on this page ever . . . I just finished a couple of major projects and am enjoying a relaxing afternoon -- 70s and sunny in Western NY State, mid-October!  Sat on the screened porch with the cats, watching the nuthatch, squirrels, adolescent male cardinal, and blue jays, and wishing the deer would make an appearance.  Tomorrow will be rainy, and by next week it will be seasonably cool. But today was gorgeous!  And I just chilled. So I've gone on and on, but time to wrap this up.  Nice to chat with y'all!!  Hope everyone  stays safe in this unpredictable weather and has fun at Hallowe'en . . . Not long till Christmas/Hannukah . . . so best wishes for all the fall holidays till I surprise Mardi and Jim and post again!  -- Robin

10/12/19 05:02 PM #419    


Bill Leggett

One Smart Kid                      


10/12/19 09:44 PM #420    


Deborah Pike


I've been thinking about that for quite a while but figured that all the egg heads had found something wrong with that approach.  

Good one.


10/13/19 07:49 AM #421    


Diana May Codling (Reed)

My thoughts were a little more "mean".  Those worried about CO2 need to stop exhaling.  MY BAD!wink

10/13/19 11:33 PM #422    


Deborah Pike


That's not mean, those are probably the guys who drive big gas guzzlers and cut down forests. People who don't believe in global warming need to be re-educated and made to plant 10,000 trees all by them selves.


10/14/19 06:04 AM #423    


Diana May Codling (Reed)


Don't forget the "important" people who fly in their private jets before getting into a gas guzzler to protest the use of petroleum products.  Whatever happened to critical thinking?  It's certainly not taught in school any more.  Obviously the sacrifices will have to be made by us "regular" people.

I hate that they are making me into such a curmudgeon of me!  But I cannot go quietly.....    indecision

10/14/19 11:38 PM #424    


Deborah Pike


Right now on Oahu a bunch of people are objecting to putting wind turbines in their area, never mind, every one is paying $1000 or more a month for electricity that is powered by gas generators. (Gas has to be brought here by ships!) People want all the goodies in life but  don't want to use solor or wind to charge them.  

It makes me mad about all the selfishness that goes on now. Lots of people need spankings!angry


10/15/19 07:22 AM #425    


Diana May Codling (Reed)


Ah, wind turbines!  Right now they are a topic of high concern in Delaware/Maryland.  They want to put some 13 miles off the coast and the "onshore" people say NO!  It'll ruin the sights from shore!  The tourists will hate it and go elsewhere.  "Not in my backyard" seems to be the mantra for so many people.  With the coastal fogs I'm not sure how often you will actually get to see them.  Guess lots of people need to have something to get hot about.

Anyone out there live in an area that has these turbines?  How have they worked out in your area?  I've heard some stories about the expense of their upkeep.  Jump in folks! Inquiring minds want to know!!

10/15/19 03:01 PM #426    


Bill Leggett

Diana, You would have to have a spy glass that could that see far in a clear day, an I don't know of any except, what they use to look into space crying

10/15/19 06:57 PM #427    


James A "Jim" White

Yes, ROBIN LOSTETTER, you are now on my good list. As a matter of fact, now you make me feel guilty about not driving the extra miles to see you when we were in New York. By the way, ROBIN, here are a couple fellows from your town that I spent a day with a week or so ago. They are AUSTIN GIORGIO (#2 in 2018 "The Voice") and JON DRETTO (on left), an incredible guitarist. If you ever get to see their performance, do go. I guarantee you will love it.

I love that DIANA and DEBORAH are bringing up good points and conversation.The last two days Kathy and I have taken a trip around SW Colorado and NW New Mexico. I wish I could show you the stunning sites around MARY HUSEMOLLER'S home town of Durango, CO, but I can show you photo's of our classmate, BOBBY ALLISON and his wife, ERNESTINE (Ernie).

If we have a kinder, gentler and just plain fun and sweeter classmate and spouse than BOBBY and ERNIE, I do not know who they are. They just celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary two days ago. Do you think their dog is spoiled?  :-)

Now that I have learned more about Bobby's music career, I feel I am rubbing elbows with a real celebrity.

Do you have a Purple Fairy Cottage in your family? We do. Our opera singing daughter, Lyndee White, lives out of town on a mountain top in a small purple home she calls her Fairy Cottage. It turns out that in addition to Bobby's and Ernie's sweet condo on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, they have a cute Purple Fairy Cottage in Ouray, Colorado -- billed as "Switzerland of America." Those that have been in Ouray know how stunning lovely this community is. This fairy cottage that Ernie purchased in 1980, is only 1/2 block off the main drag. Talk about a perfect location to take advantage of all Ouray has to offer, including hot mineral baths, this is it!

Everyone, take care of yourselves, visit with classmates that will appreciate your visit more than you will ever know. Our last week in New Mexico .... onto Arizona soon. JW


10/15/19 09:25 PM #428    


Deborah Pike

Hi guys,

You have given me an idea!  When I get my place in Ruidosa I will paint it purple!!!!!

That's my favorite color.

Debbie Pikeenlightenedlaugh

10/16/19 11:03 AM #429    


Mardi Gonyea (Nicklin)

Happy Day All....

I wanted to comment about the solar windmills. There are many area's in Texas who are using them and with a good amount of success. Mostly, the comments I've heard and read about around Texas is that they are pleased.

Here in Kerrville, the Guadalupe River runs the full length of the city. The river authorities work very hard to make sure it maintains it's eco-balance. The area is very  beautiful. There are solar panels throughout different area's. The area I live in uses them and we see a credit each month on our electric bill, which is pretty nice. It's not a huge amount of credit, but some credit is def. better than no credit.

I call Kerrville, "My Camelot" for a reason. The size of the city is the perfect size for me, even though it has increased in population since I moved here in '89. The surrounding small towns are so interesting to visit, as Jim and Kathy can attest to, during their visit. If I need serious medical treatment, although the local medical options are good, I can be sent to San Antonio, TX, which is an hour away. The same applies, if I need to zip into San Antonio for some bigger shopping options. Kerrville, is teasingly called by the senior's, "the land of the living dead." This is because it is in the top 5 in the United States as having the richest (money-wise) pop. So, the elders, "rule the roost." The younger generations work in the medical fields and elder care fields taking care of their needs. A lot of career orientated, commute to San Antonio and surrounding cities. There is a lot of ranch land.

Sending my Luv N Hugs

Mardi Gonyea Nicklin

10/16/19 11:25 PM #430    


Deborah Pike

Dear Mardi,


I have been single for 32 years. I have been thinking lately that maybe I have been too picky.  But it sounds like a good hunting ground to match my list: 98 years old, no living relatives, extremely wealthy, AND a doctor's note saying he will die in two weeks. If you find a guy like that, let me knowwink


10/17/19 07:48 AM #431    


Diana May Codling (Reed)

Debbie, that is too funny!  Good luck filling that list.

We had an update on the news last night regarding the wind turbines offshore.  They are going to be 19 miles offshore---not 13.  Don't think that will be a horrible eyesore.

We put solar on our roof June of 2015 and will have recovered the cost sometime in 2021.  The largest recovery came from the Feds and Delaware.  We are very happy with the lower electric bills!  We can't go off grid because we don't have batteries to store the produced electric, but if the grid goes down, we do bave a propane generator.  So far the longest we have been on the generator was a little over 24 hours.  Inconvenient, but nothing like others have had to deal with.

10/17/19 10:52 AM #432    


Mardi Gonyea (Nicklin)

Ha Deb....I wish I could say I could find someone like that, even here in elder-land!! The women to men ratio here is 5 women to every man...ha!! I found that out when I went to a Senior's dance not too long after my last husband passed. One man showed up and at least half a dozen men rushed him, asking for him to dance with them. And, they were not nice about it either...they were out for blood!! It is almost the same here in my senior community. There will be a meeting in the rec. room, and "if" one man shows up, you here, "Oh so and so sit here, Oh come sit over here!" I mean, you would think they were at a male strip show. These quiet little grey haired ladies turn into huge agressive personalities....ha. As for me, I've outlived 3 of my 4 husband's and hell will have to freeze over before i will even consider even a date. I am sure I went wayyy past my quota....ha!

Luv N Hugs

10/17/19 03:49 PM #433    


Bill Leggett

MARDI ? One man showed up and at least half a dozen men rushed him, asking for him to dance with them. And, they were not nice about. 




JIM WHITE:  I am going to make a few corrections on your posting as you have not posted the correct information devil I will let you think about it. hint scolar ship award

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