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08/14/19 12:14 PM #328    


Gilbert "Butch" Colbert

I remember Chew Den on south Main.  They had the best fried chicken.  They closed at some point and, it appears, moved to 2nd Street.  Herky is correct, it had great food.

08/14/19 11:38 PM #329    


Deborah Pike


You are correct about Chew Den was on the south Main. I remember the onion rings. I have never had onion rings as good as  those!!! Now I'm Hungry!!!sad


Debbie Pike

08/15/19 02:42 PM #330    

R. E. Herky Veatch

Yep, it was very close to Wyles, eat at the wye. I forgot about the fried chicken, wow, it was good. I am like Debora now, I am hungry.


08/15/19 07:55 PM #331    


James A "Jim" White

Remember, GLORIA CHEW was in our class. Last we knew, she was living in San Mateo, CA (bay area, Kathy's and my first home)

08/16/19 02:19 PM #332    


Bill Leggett

OK Where at on South Main ? I remember the Y as we called it & A&W. probley eat their but don't remember where it was located.


08/17/19 06:14 AM #333    

Dennis R. Hunter

Really you don’t remember “cruising main” from A&W to Greer’s and back?  It was just across from A&W east of there. I think it’s is now closed on W 2nd too

08/17/19 09:02 AM #334    

Bob Gadberry

Chew Den was at the corner of SE Main & E. Widly street - It backed up to a Bowling Alley (can't remember the name) which also closed up and is now something else.

Bob Gadberry

08/17/19 10:11 AM #335    

Karen Moore (Wilson)

A&W was across from Sears.  Wylies was at the Y where the airmen hung out, and Chew Den was across the street to the East.  

08/17/19 12:16 PM #336    


Bill Leggett

Now I remember, there use to be a Bar called the Stardust or something like that an had a drive thru package store, It was one of the places I could buy Beer yes but that a different story.devil

08/17/19 07:20 PM #337    


Deborah Pike

Now you guys are making me sad....No one here can cook good Mexican food much less make superb onion rings.  I am also missing the the wonderful temperature in Roswell. I can take the 98 degrees it is the 90  percent humidity I object to!!!!!crying (that's sweat and not tears)  Our normal humidity  is in the 60's. Someone adopt me and bring me Home!!!!!wink


08/18/19 09:34 AM #338    


Bill Leggett

 Deborah   Your ride is waiting for you



08/18/19 11:19 AM #339    


James A "Jim" White

The Stardust Lounge was across from south Main Dairy Queen, one of the places I worked. John Leslie Wolfe worked at West 2nd D.Q. and all the girls went there to see him. Prior to leaving Roswell, I was working at Wylie's Drive Inn -- 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, no overtime. Also, Bill, we both probably bought high school beer at Scavardi's slightly out of town on the south end.

08/18/19 11:55 AM #340    


Mardi Gonyea (Nicklin)

I remember working at St. Mary's Hospital, which has been torn down, as a candy striper then when we finished there we walked to Chew Den. I have found some good Chinese Food but my memory of how delicious Chew Den's food was always comes back to me.

Yes, Wylie's was the airforce guys hang out and most of us girls were forbidden to go there, but there were som

Some of us that would sneak a go-there because we thought the guys in uniform were so handsome....ha!!

Mexican food, oh my goodness, come to my house!! I make a killer hot sauce that my extended Mexican family has me bring to their events...ha. And, I make really, really good enchilida's. The most favorite thing in the world for my previous husband was to wake up, have his cup of coffee with my enchilida's. I used to cook for very large family gatherings, and I miss it! There is one place here in town that comes close.

Luv N Hugs

08/18/19 12:24 PM #341    

R. E. Herky Veatch


THe old Chew Den was on the corner of E.
Forest and SE Main (Dexter HWY). The A&W was across the street from the old Sears Roebuck and the shoppong center for Furr's Cafateria. Going south from there was the old Pepsi bottling plant. Going further south when you go to McGaffey, you kept in you left lane like headed to the Starlite Drive IN, and there the Chew Den was on the left and a few feet further was the turn around at the Wye to get back onto South Main so you could go back to Greers. There was a Safeway at the intersection of McGaffey and Main (southwest corner).

Behind the Chew Den was a bowling alley that Jack Chew would always be bowling between lunch an d dinner.


08/18/19 06:22 PM #342    


Bill Leggett

Jim yes I know I could name a few make that a lot of Individuals both sex's  that I got beer for,wink

08/18/19 07:31 PM #343    


Karen McCarty (Fink)

I love reading all the latest posts regarding Chew Den and dragging main! Those memories garnered quite a few fun memories for all of us. I was never warned to stay away from Wylie’s so I do remember going there with girlfriends. Since my Dad was in the Air Force, I guess he didn’t think that airmen were anything to worry about. But, since I got married at 17 to a local boy, who was also 17, I never actually dated an airman while in high school however. I married a boy named Mack Shafer who graduated in the class of ‘65. (I also graduated early in the summer of ‘65 so we could marry in August) After a tour in the Navy, he was discharged and embarked on a career as a musician (drummer and guitarist). I did not want to share him with multiple groupies and the musicians way of life so we parted ways. He went on to marry four more times (when will women ever learn, you cannot change a man!). (We reconnected about ten years ago when our daughter wanted to reach out to her biological dad. My 2nd husband adopted her when we married. ) Anyway, he had two sons along the way. I was notified last week that Mack Shafer passed away on August 9, 2019 after succumbing to the ravages of Parkinson’s disease. He and I spoke just six weeks earlier when he told me how sorry he was for some of his “bad decisions “ made as a young man. I told him I had forgiven him a long time ago and had no grudges against him. We said goodbye til the next time. That was the last time we spoke. I share this story, not to be morose, or to garner sympathy, but to tell everyone, no one knows when they will leave this earth! Make peace with anyone and everyone in your life. We are now in the sunset of our lives and we all can share love no matter the past mistakes we may have made. For those of you who believe in God, get right with Him today. It is not too late. My second husband of 47 years also died this year in February so it is a year of loss for me. But I have only lost them in this life. I fully expect to see them again in the next. For those of you who have also lost a loved one (or more than one loved one), my heart grieves with you. We have hope, we will see them again. In the meantime, be kind to one another, time is of the essence! Love you all(even if we didn’t know each other in high school)! And keep the fun memories alive and sharing them on this page. Thank you for allowing me to share. Karen

08/19/19 01:27 PM #344    


Mardi Gonyea (Nicklin)

Sweet, sweet Karen. You have always been the sweetest heart and soul that I had the great memory of you since high school. Your words are very wise. For those that have  lost, loved and lost again we are in a place for the good parts of the memories, and I love that. I so appreciate your faith based foundation and that you share it freely in such a good way. I am so happy that I can share the great parts of our child/children's life, let alone those amazing Grands. Nothing could have prepared us for the happiest love in watching those Grands!! 

Saturday and Sunday are days I play non-stop music and to this day I love to dance to all the great stuff. It just makes me so happy to have the priviledge of all my blessings.

Luv N Hugs

08/20/19 06:52 PM #345    

R. E. Herky Veatch


I will be in Kerrville at the YO Ranch Hotel for my wifes high school reunion Sept. 13-15 (i think). I have no idea about the room number; however my wifes name is Mary Cone Veatch. Class of 65

Herky Veatch

08/20/19 07:02 PM #346    


Margaret W. "Peggy" Ware (Koger)


Karen,  beautifully said!  You and Mardi continue to be huge sources of inspiration 



08/20/19 09:01 PM #347    


James A "Jim" White

First, Karen, thank you for your comments. Our kids look at the map and see their lives ending quite a few states away. We look at it and see our ending at the county line, at best, and some of us see it ending about two blocks from our home. (If that is a correct analogy)

Along that line, I am going to violate website administrator rules and give  you an address. 

Laurie Shuey Anderson and Andy Anderson celebrated their 50th anniversary this weekend. In reality, they have been married 48 years (remember, Laurie is our only Gold Star Widow having lost her first husband in VietNam). Andy is a retired Veteran Air Force Pilot and his contact with Agent Orange has caused major health problems of great dispair (my words, not theirs).  Andy is a very positive person, as Laura Knight Atkins and husband, Jessie, will attest. They drove from Santa Fe to Fort Worth to celebrate with them. Laura would be giving you details but she is busy flying to Germany in the next 12 hours or so.

Bottom line is Laurie and Andy celebrated their 50th Anniversary as they suspect they do not have two more years together on this earth. Laurie, you know as she is a wonderful lady who has been so helpful and so positive at reunions. Andy is also loved evidenced by the number of friends and former pilots that showed up to the party to give their respects to this marriage. I have met Andy and will verify he is a great guy worthy of our love and respect. If you care to send Laurie and Andy an anniversary card, please write them at:

Andy and Laurie Anderson - 6817 Glen Meadow Drive - Ft. Worth, TX 76132

Laurie and Andy, we love you both. You two are the example of character that our classes of 1966 have.

08/21/19 11:41 AM #348    


Mardi Gonyea (Nicklin)

J. thank you so much for the beautiful posting. What a beautiful picture, so sweet. Huge Congradulation on the big 50th, so special.

Peggy, thank you, so many of you inspire me.

Herkey how cool, your wife graduated from Tivy. Kerrville is just such a great place to leave. You all have heard me call it my "Cameot" many times. I have put those dates on my calendar and the name you will be using at the YO. Here is my phone email address if you would like to email me so I can see what your schedule is because I would def. like to see you. (marditx.mn@gmail.com). When I get that from you I will send you my phone#. Looking forward to it.

Luv N Hugs

08/21/19 01:59 PM #349    


Bill Leggett

Jim you are one of the web site administrator, so you broke #1 rule crying, I don't know what Mardi, will do to you for doing it. But I will back you up for doing it. Now how far back I will be I don't know.


08/21/19 10:31 PM #350    


Karen McCarty (Fink)

Thank you Peggy for your nice words. I’m not fishing for compliments, but I truly speak from the heart.

Mardi, I’ve always felt a “soul connection” with you from our first meeting in school. Do you remember that I was also in Candystripers at St Mary’s for awhile?! Unfortunately, I was “fired” by the nuns .... well, maybe not that bad, I felt so bad about the incident that I was afraid to go back! Charolette Ruffin and I were working one shift and we had to go to the basement laundry room to get these huge laundry carts on wheels, bring them back up to the top floor and put away all the sheets and towels on the shelves in the linen closet which was actually a room. After about four trips, we were so exhausted reaching down into this deep cart(bending and stretching) to put away the heavy sheets, we suddenly got the giggles! I think I pushed Charolette into the cart, and that’s when the towels went flying back and forth in a wild tangled mess! Next thing we knew, there was one ANGRY nun yelling and looking at us like we were crazy! We were laughing so hard, we didn’t even see her come in! So that was the last day of my candystriper days! Hahaha Thank goodness I wasn’t Catholic, I would have had to go to confession and I’m sure had to say 12 Rosary prayers every day for a month!

Jim, thank you for sharing the news about Lauri And Andy’s 50th! That is awesome and a great testament to a wonderful relationship for sure. I will definitely send a card.
I just wish Paul had made it as we were on our way to 50 after 47 years. I have all my wonderful memories and I am grateful for the times I did have with him. I know you and Kathie’s 50th should be coming up soon so please let us know “ where in the world “ you are so we can celebrate it with you both!

08/22/19 10:39 AM #351    


Mardi Gonyea (Nicklin)

Yep Jim is in trouble for sure, Bill. We will have to send him to the "time out chair." But, he has a reputation for traveling, we will have to keep an eye on him...ha!!

Oh Karen, that is just the funniest memory or our Candy Striper days!! What a visual. We were in constant trouble with the nuns as well. We didn't make the beds with the perfectly folded corners. You would have thought they were related to Martha Stewart!! We also got in trouble for giggling and not taking everything seriously. Now that I think about it....hmmmm, all of a sudden we didnt go again....maybe we got asked to leave??

Luv N Hugs

08/22/19 11:08 AM #352    


Bill Leggett

I,was in St Mary’s Hospital several times for this or that Nuns loved me, I got what ever I wanted. My Sister was a Nurse there an Had taken Care of Mother Superior when she was very sick. They would bring me milk an Cookies late at night. That was after they found out who my sister was. I won't talk about this one nurse an me in the elevator one night.wink

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