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11/26/19 05:00 AM #474    


Diana May Codling (Reed)

Bill, let us know when they schedule your surgery so we can pray you, your docs and nurses through it!

11/26/19 05:21 PM #475    


Karen McCarty (Fink)


Hi Bill, Let me join the others in telling you how much we appreciate what you do to keep the Class of 66 connected and this website going. I never thought I would have enjoyed it as much as I have, but I love reading comments, seeing pictures and reading up on the travel activities of classmates. I did take computer programming and a website design course in HTML in college (oops, should I mention that?!) BUT, I now remember NOTHING about what I learned! Everything has changed since those early days and I did not maintain my knowledge in those things. Now ask me about something relating to people, counseling or how people learn and I could probably answer intelligently but... never mind. At our stage of life no one wants to talk about those things anyway. So, please keep us posted on your surgery dates so we can add you to prayer lists and also pray for doctors and nurses who care for you during that time. The holiday season is now upon us and my daughter and I attended the season’s first event here in our area which was The Moscow Ballet performance of The Nutcracker. The ballerinas were exquisite, costumes amazing and music was outstanding. I encourage anyone who gets a chance to see it in a city near you to go and get in the Christmas spirit. It was wonderful! Everyone enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family and be safe if traveling out on the roads. God Bless!

11/26/19 05:26 PM #476    


Karen McCarty (Fink)

I’m showing my ignorance in computer skills... I didn’t know how to add the picture of me and my daughter and put our names under the picture....
Last night at the Nutcracker, Karen and daughter Rowena

11/27/19 01:50 AM #477    


Deborah Pike


Don't fret abot your computer skills.  I have trouboe using a camera let alone post  pictures.



11/27/19 02:06 AM #478    


Deborah Pike


Sorry to hear that you are having more surgery.  Hope you are not in so much pain for Christmas or Thanksgiving. My best wishes to you and I will remember you in my prayers. Hang in there, You are joining the esteemed order of the walking quilt bragade . I know that I have enough stitches in my body I  could knit a king sized bed spreapread.

Getting Old is the pitsangry

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone


11/27/19 10:09 AM #479    


Bill Leggett


I am of the nature to grow old.surprise
There is no way to escape growing old.

I am of the nature to have ill health.
There is no way to escape ill health.

I am of the nature to die.
There is no way to escape death.

All that is dear to me and everyone I love
are the nature to change.

There is no way to escape
being separated from them.

My actions are my only true belongings.
I cannot escape the consequences of my actions.

My actions are the ground upon which I stand.

Thich Nhat Hanh


My last Back Surgery I had 25 Staples in my back an I got everyone one of them 

11/27/19 04:29 PM #480    


Robin E. Lostetter

Adding a response to Bill & the others . . . 

Lovely photo, Karen!

Yes, Bill, let us know so we can hold you in prayer for your next addition to the "Walking Quilt Brigade."   (I had never heard that before, Debbie, but it sure applies!!)

Happy Thanksgiving, All!

11/28/19 09:18 PM #481    


Karen McCarty (Fink)

Thank you for the kind words everyone. I hope it was a blessed Thanksgiving.

Bill, b sure to keep us posted on surgery dates so we can all keep you in prayer. Yes, my Dad used to say, “Getting old ain’t for sissies.... I know now what he was talking about. Hang in there everyone!

12/01/19 09:52 AM #482    


Bill Leggett

Right now it will be some time after the first of the year. My doctor is booked up crying

12/02/19 11:07 PM #483    


Deborah Pike

Bill, this is a remarkable picture of my daughter when she is crankie.....whick is most of the time.devil


12/03/19 10:37 AM #484    


Bill Leggett

Debbie don't drink her wine , just jokeing devilwinkcool

12/03/19 12:35 PM #485    


Karen McCarty (Fink)

Cute picture on the front page! Doesn’t look a thing like me however, must be another Karen! I have discovered Karen was a very popular name given to girls in the 40’s and 50’s, but the most Karen’s I have ever encountered was when I was in second grade in Sacramento CA and there were seven Karen’s in my classroom! I think I may have been Karen #5 as the teacher just assigned all of us a number! I hated being a number!!

12/03/19 12:58 PM #486    


Bill Leggett

The cats name is not KAREN, the cats name is LOLA,wink

12/03/19 03:33 PM #487    


Karen McCarty (Fink)

Thanks for the clarification Bill! 

12/05/19 04:20 PM #488    


James A "Jim" White

What has TERRY BOONE been up to lately? Terry feels that a recent day at Machu Picchu was not only mystical, but one of the best days of his life (right up there with his one single high school date with ELIZABETH GWARTNEY LOWNEY). Of course I think Terry, and his brother Rick, climbing Huayna Picchu Peak (also called Waynapicchu) in Peru was ranked as one of his best in his life because he survived.

Terry's climb was misting at first, then the rain poured, then misted and continued so they would be soaked to the bone; just the way you want to be when climbing a very treacherous, steep and slippery trail with sheer drop offs up to a thousand feet. As RICK MARCUM and others that have made this climb (I think LAURA KNIGHT ATKINS and JUDI ADAMS MORRIS  have been there too) they had to show ID and documents to get on the trail and show again when one gets off the trail. Duh ..you think?

Terry writes, "Whole trip was wonderful. Peru is magical. So many fantastic sites.  Cusco is one of the best cities I've ever been to." Terry must have loved it as he is planning to go there again, maybe as early as May 2020, to visit the Peruvian Amazon, Lake Titicaca, and the Nazca lines.

"Looks like a lovely place. Why don't they have roofs on the homes?"   :-)

"Aw, gee, bro., this doesn't look so tough .... does it"

"When my eyes get this wide open, it is because I just almost slipped. You would smile too if you just escaped certain death."

"Harrison Ford has nothing on me!"


"You would be grinning too if you made it up this high. Besides, I am seeking a modeling contract and like to show off my smile and dimples."

12/06/19 08:45 PM #489    


Deborah Pike

WOW!!!    Wish I had been therelaugh

12/07/19 02:33 PM #490    


Karen McCarty (Fink)

I agree Debbie; an amazing adventure and great pictures. Thanks for sharing on the website Jim. Some adventures I will only be able to enjoy vicariously through others. 

12/10/19 04:37 AM #491    


Barbara Dell Buzbee (Thompson)

Praying Holiday Blessings for each of us. May we fulfill our hearts desires with friends and family. Have a wonderful holiday. I appreciate every one posting their good lives. Hope and faith through this season and our coming new year. 2020!  What a number. I've been Court mediating since May 7th. The right side and really only side of the bench. When we stop learning: our lives are forever changed. For those of us who went home this year: I send the greatest light on your friend's and family's  path. I share a few minutes of silence in gratitude of knowing all of you.  Thank you God for being with each of us. A very Merry Christmas 🎁 & the Happiest New Year!🐝😘😘🦅❤️🤗🤔🎵🌵🦋👄🎁🦄🦆🌧🐥🐣💦😘🧜🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♂️

12/11/19 02:39 PM #492    


Richard A. Marcum


Well, I'm glad to see that Terry had a great time.  There is one other thing that Peru is famous for...its FOOD.  Peruvian food is unique and wonderful.  Almost every major city in all of South America touts a Peruvian restaurant or two. 

Now let me tell everyone that I had an amazing two weeks bouncing around Utah and Arizona.  I started off in Las Vegas as my wife had a business conference there prior to us having one hell of a road trip.  I posted the highlights on YouTube.com. Go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du4E4u16CJA

I love to match up music with the photos / movies.  I chose Ravel's masterpiece, Bolero.  I am so very jealous of any and all of you that played an instrument or could sing.  What a great way to express one's self.  I couldn't carry a tune with a wheelbarrow. 

Heading to La Paz, Mexico this April (after tax season, so that I can maintain my my status as a kept man.)   My wife is a CPA and our travels revolve around here slow months. 

We traveled to Russia this September and I must say it was eye opening.  People are people and I had a great time making new friends and invited many of them to come visit the states.  We're people too you know.  I invite everyone to go to my Youtube page.  I have about 105 videos there from my traveling around.  Take a peek and if you have questions about a place, I will be glad to help you find answers.  Take care all and may all of you have a very great holiday season!  Here is the link to my Youtube videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/rmarcum1948  And here is Johnene and me taking a selfie at the Canyon Lands National Park.

12/11/19 07:20 PM #493    


Bill Leggett

12/12/19 12:15 AM #494    


Deborah Pike


I don't know how you do it but every time my life gets overwhelming you find something so funny that I immediately feel better.  Just proves that you are one of Santa's elves. Do you get paid in cookies?


12/12/19 06:42 AM #495    


Bill Leggett

Debbie, This is for you, no make that for everyone



12/12/19 03:41 PM #496    


Bill Leggett




12/13/19 12:42 AM #497    


Deborah Pike


 You did it again. We had one of those Christmas Tree climbing cats We had bought a tree that still had the dirt ball on it. We managed to get it in the house and decorated it. The cat climbed up to the top--the tree went all the way to the ceiling with a 12 foot ceiling. WE lived in Indonesia then and we had 2 indoor girls to help with the cleaning but after getting the tree, their main job was trying to keep the cat from going up the tree and await his next victim. Most exciting and dangerous Christmas of all

My life has never been normal.


12/14/19 10:32 AM #498    


Bill Leggett

Debbie, I think you will like this one



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