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01/07/20 11:29 AM #527    


Harold Lee "Pete" Garton Jr

I want to wish everyone a Happy, Happy 2020!

2019 was a great year getting settled from RV full timing in Athens, TX. Lots of work on our new home.
However, 2019 ended on a down note. Being an "elder person" (who was thinking of that 50 years ago?) is not easy health wise or for the faint of heart. Patty and I had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.

On Thursday the 26th, I was light headed (to much egg nog I guess???) accompanied with heavy chest pressure (too much fried stuff maybe?). To the ER we go! On Saturday the 28th, after a chemical stress test, my LCA discovered to be 90% blocked. Another stent was placed within my original stent from 2009.

Home that afternoon at 6pm. Feeling much better. Oh yeah! Medical technology is great. For those who believe, our God is an awesome God and the Great Physician. I guess He didn't want me yet.

The best to all of you in 2020 !!!!!!! Stay healthy and get checked out.

01/08/20 09:59 AM #528    


Robin E. Lostetter

Glad for your good health, Pete! Yes, those senior years never seemed meant for us. I suppose they never do. ;)

01/08/20 04:36 PM #529    


Deborah Pike


I am glad that you are better.  Take care and stay away from the eggnog- just call me and I'll drink it for you (It is my favorite thing about Christmas).

I believe same as you  guys , I never thought that I would live long enough to have all these medical problems. I have a theory about me, I think the doctors have been slowly using my body for spare parts- I have so many missing parts that I am sure there is an identical me somewhere.devil

Hppy New Year everyone,Debbie

01/09/20 09:07 AM #530    


Margaret W. "Peggy" Ware (Koger)


Good to hear from you, Pete! Despite the health concerns it sounds like life is treating you well.  Happy New Year! 





01/09/20 10:27 PM #531    


Bill Leggett

Debbie, the message you posted reference eggnog- just call me and I'll drink it for you (It is my favorite thing about Christmas). How much did you have to drink of eggnog, prior to posting the message.devil


I don’t know if you realized, BUT you posted it (7) Seven times.

THAT Right (7) times (lol) I think your finger got stuck on the SUBMIT  item.


YES I deleted 6 of the posting’s


AN YES they were word for wordcheeky

01/14/20 09:48 PM #532    


James A "Jim" White

My apologies for the class website going down. My credit card that was on file to renew the internet name had expired. I have renewed the site for 2-years so we should be safe that long. We actually pay a couple fees; the internet name - www.roswellhigh-goddardhigh-nm-1966.com - just renewed, and the larger fee for hosting the website and storage space for pictures and more. We are okay for now. Do not worry.

Graveside funeral services for MARGARET ELIZABETH NICHOLS KUENZLER will be this Thursday, January 16th, at 11:00 a.m. at the "Old Section" of the Carlsbad Cemetery (Carlsbad, NM).  Rex Holt of Clovis, NM will officiate, assisted by Kevin Pence, Associate Pastor of First Baptist Church of Carlsbad. There is no visitation scheduled. Hopefully some classmates can make it and show respect to her family and our love for Margaret.


01/15/20 08:40 AM #533    


Margaret W. "Peggy" Ware (Koger)

Jim, can we help contribute to that cost?



01/15/20 10:48 AM #534    

R. E. Herky Veatch


We all need to contribute to the cause, please let us know how much and give n address to send the cash.


01/15/20 01:04 PM #535    


Terry Michael Boone

Hi Jim, I am glad to contribute, but it would help to know how much money we are talking about. What is the cost of keeping the website going?  Does the group have a bank account?  If so, how much is in it and what is it used for?  Finally, where to I send a check to and to whom do I make it out-and no, I am not going to make it out to Jim and Kathy White.smiley




01/15/20 03:15 PM #536    


Bill Leggett

Terry Michael Boone, Just like myself on my 1963 RHS site, Jim & I both put it on OUR CREDIT CARD.

That is the only way to make a payment for the site.

You can send me the money for my site if you would like (LOL) Just kidding devilenlightened


Bill L. aka wildman 

01/16/20 12:33 PM #537    


Doris Lee Flood (Burton)

I feel we should all contribute to the class account, and then Pam can write a check to Bill and to Jim to reimburse them for the costs they have covered for the site through their credit cards.

01/16/20 02:12 PM #538    


James A "Jim" White

My apologies for crying "Poor Me" on the expired credit card date issue. While I thank everyone who wishes to contribute, the amount was only $38 and I can handle it. Forgive me for crying out such a poor explantion.

However, let us talk about money in our class account. We have none. After our last reunion, one classmate was not reimbursed several hundred dollars (he/she/they) had put into the reunion coffers and did not want me to ask the class for reimbursement. Our account was so low it had to be closed and the tiny remainder (around $50) put into our treasurer's name in order to avoid monthly account fees.

Looking ahead, not always but generally, we have had a fund in which to start a reunion with. Are you thinking about next year's 55-year reunion, if we have one? Additionally, so you understand all the class finances, we have had an accumulation fund funded with memorial registrations. That is where if you had a now deceased classmate friend, you could register them, or several friends, for the reunion for $25 apiece and they would have special memorial recognition. One year, the late, great John Russell give me $500 and stated, register any in our class that has not had someone sponsor them. Where does this pool of money go? It goes into a special, totally confidential, travel fund that helps classmates who really, really, really want to attend the reunion but cannot due to finances. Some we pay the registration fee. Some we pay registration fee and hotel room. A few we pay registration, hotal and flight to Roswell. All these are dependent upon the financial need which, as you can imagine, is embarrassing if disclosed and why only 3 people (me, treasurer, reunion chair) know about the assist. Now that most of us have strong income limits, it could be used more than ever. We are a class that cares.

Should we have a 55-year reunion next year? Who would like to volunteer to chair this reunion? How extravagant or minimal should it be? If you would like to chip in a donation to help build up our non-existance bank account, then please send a check to our treasurer, payable to our treasurer, PAM BERRY DAVIS, and send to her address below. It does not matter if your contribution is $10 or hundred(s). All will be appreciated and used properly. I would love Pam to receive numerous checks in the next two weeks, but that is just me. We will report it to you.

Pam Davis - 3795 Cedarvale - Roswell, NM 88203

Finally, allow me to say that MARGARET NICHOLS KUENZLER'S graveside service was held today. If anyone attended, would you give us a report? Thanks to all our classmates and blessings to you.

01/17/20 02:09 AM #539    


Deborah Pike

Hi Guys

Count me in. Let me know what needs to be cone and I will do it.  

Debbie Pikelaugh

01/17/20 01:35 PM #540    


Bill Leggett

If you are over 40 years this is for you


01/17/20 05:13 PM #541    


Deborah Pike


Thank you for the poster,  I think I'll have a poster of it and nail it on my bedroom door!  Think anyone will read it?  And I am tired!


01/17/20 08:29 PM #542    


Karen McCarty (Fink)

I love the poster!  I do have grey pride! Thanks Bill! 

thank you Jim for all the information regarding the finances and needs of the class. I had no idea what it all entailed. Looking forward to more news ahead. Thanks again. 

01/17/20 08:31 PM #543    


Bill Leggett

Debbie, you should read my message I have on my front Door,  see below

                                          RING DOOR BELL 3 times






01/19/20 04:26 AM #544    


Deborah Pike

Bill, You always make me smile (Lot's of times you make me laugh out loud)


01/19/20 09:23 PM #545    


James A "Jim" White

Today in Palm Springs, BARBARA BUZBEE met with KATHY and I and also LINDA HENRY'S mother, CAROL HENRY, and Linda's sister, BRENDA HENRY WHITE. We had a fun lunch on the strip and stayed for three hours. I hope all our classmates will take the effort and time to find classmate friends and visit with them. You may be missing a lot if you do not, and may never have another opportunity with the friend in which you have so much history in common.

Barbara and Jim. Today Barbara phranked me and stood on her head in front of the Sonny Bono statue, but that may be TMI.   (-:

Jim, Kathy, Barbara, Carol and Brenda.

Happy MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY tomorrow and also a very Happy Birthday to our extremely successful Wyoming hunting and fishing guide, GEORGE HUNKER, III.

01/20/20 06:45 AM #546    


Barbara Dell Buzbee (Thompson)

We all look so forward to your posts. Especially, after meeting with you guys. How much fun!!! See you guys this week. San Diego is so perfect too. Especially summer. 
looking so forward to meeting you guys this week. Just following excellent weather is so fortunate. It makes for such joy. Great fortune of joy. 

01/20/20 12:33 PM #547    


Karen McCarty (Fink)

What great photos!  Looks like everyone had a great time and had fun!  Thanks for sharing Jim! 

01/31/20 11:18 AM #548    


Michaele Austin (Kelly)

I just returned from my annual trip to Florida where I visited with my cousins and we met with Bill and Margie Sloan for a wonderful lunch at the Outback in Lakeland, Fl.  They are preparing for their 6 month “around the world trip” and have promised to post pictures. On my trip I also stopped in Pass Christian, Ms. and spent time with Bobby and Ernie Allison. They are regulars on my pit stops on my trips and are a delight to be around. I also spent time with Karen Herrington and Bob Ream on my way home. What a wonderful couple and I so love to see and visit with old friends so we can reminisce and renew our friendships. Old friends are The Best friends! I reconnected with my best friend from high school recently (Cathy Morris Rhoades) through Facebooks Remembering Roswell page and that has been an incredibly rewarding experience! Why do we let so many important people drift out of our lives and so much time pass before we realize that they are still so important to us? I am so grateful for getting to reconnect with Margaret Nichols Kuenzler for the last 7 years and my life has been so much richer for her presence and I don’t want to take for granted the gifts that are presented through old friendships. I cut this trip short but plan on going down to Aransas Pass, Tx probably next month and stopping to visit with Mardi Gonyea Nicklin before returning home. Until the next time..........



02/07/20 10:37 PM #549    


James A "Jim" White

I love what MICHAELE AUSTIN KELLY sentiments were, after reconnecting with school friends, when she asked "Why do we let so many important people drift out of our lives and so much time pass before we realize that they are still so important to us?" This is so true. Contact friends and you will find out they have missed you too.

MICHAELE visited a number of classmates from Texas to Florida and did manage to snap a picture of COL. (USMC RETIRED) BILL SLOAN and wife, MARGIE.

You most likely know that MARGARET NICHOLS KUENZLER recently past away, but did you know that her husband, BILLY, followed her days after? Isn't that a love story children and grandchildren will talk about?

We have been in Yuma for a week or so (go back on the road Monday) and MARIANNE COONS McCULLOUGH connected KATHY and I with MARY MAULDIN GARCIA and husband, RAY. We had a really good visit and pleased with MARY'S recovery from recent extensive heart surgery. MARY and RAY now live in Las Vegas most of the time, 'tho they were in Yuma for a couple months or so..

MARY'S mother is still alive and living with her brother, BILL MAULDIN, in Talequah, OK.

So, what travels are planned? We know BOYCE McFARLAND is going to Sweden in March; and I think TERRY BOONE is going back to Peru in March or April; and JUDI ADAMS MORRIS last day in the Caribbean was today; and BILL SLOAN is going on a 6-month trip around the world soon; and MARY HUSEMOLLER has not advised me lately of her travel plans, if any (and you can lay money on it that she will be traveling); and KAREN McCARTY FINK will be going to New York next month and visiting her sister, DEBBIE. What are your plans? Do not be bashful. It is not bragging. We sincerely want to know what our classmates have been up to.

Let me see ... what other news do I have. KATHY and I saw 93-year old Tony Bennett a couple weeks ago, and will see the Righteous Brothers (Bobby Hatfield died but we will see his replacement and Bill Medley) the end of this month. I also wanted to see Paul Anka but, sadly will be moving down the road about 100 miles. Besides being a teenage heart throb singer and song writer in our day, Paul Anka also has written for many singers including Tom Jones and Frank Sanatra. In fact, Paul Anka wrote Sanatra's classic, My WayDONNA GOUGE O'BRIEN has been busy but darn if I can remember what at this time. Kind of the same with MILDRED ANDREWS FORD ... we get a report every two or three years or so ... right MILDRED? Sorry, MIKE TURNER, we did not make it to San Diego. We had to change directions. We were in Orange County for a day but did not get to look up MARLA GIBSON FREY.

RHONDA and MARY FRANCES, happy birthday in a half-hour after I post this note. We hope it is a great one. You folks should contact your classmates with upcoming birthdays. Let me say that we recently lost GARY SOLEMAN and MARGARET NICHOLS KUENZLER. Have you gone to their "In Memory" page and written your story or remembrances? Please do and any other classmate that we have lost and you were close to.

A special THANK YOU for three classmates that have sent in $400 to help our class treasury so we can possibly plan a reunion in 2021. Money is still being accepted if you care to contribute.

Finally, BILL LEGGETT, we look forward to your return.

Kindest personal regards, everyone.


02/18/20 11:20 AM #550    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

Margie is recovering nicely from her cardiac surgery in early December so we are going on our "bucket list" trip starting mid-March. Some places I have been without Margie and some places Margie has been without me. Most often the places are new for both of us. Follows a brief itinerary so if any of you have any "DON'T miss this" places please do not hesitate to give us guidance.

11 March - 30 March: India with side trip to Kathmandu

31 March - 30 April: Vietnam with side trip to Angkor Wat

1 May - 15 May: Spain (Eurorail pass)

16 May - 19 June: Italy (Eurorail pass)

20 June - 24 July: Australia

25 July - 9 Sept: Peru (we recently decided to skip Chile)


We are interested in hearing from you. Bill

02/18/20 11:29 AM #551    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

My brother-in-law Jim Smith (husaband of sister Sandy) passed away from cancer this Tuesday 11 Feb. He was most recently (15 years?) the minister at First Christian Church, Ruidoso. Margie and I are flying out for his Memorial Service Saturday the 22nd and then I will stay until Friday morning 28th Feb. Please let me know if any of you would like to get together for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner Monday through Thursday IF you live:

east of Lordsburg,

south of Albuquerque,

north of Juarez, and

west of Tatum



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