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11/05/21 07:30 AM #857    


Doris Flood (Burton)

Thanks, Mary.  I have noted your changes and additions.  Appreciate your help.

11/09/21 04:51 PM #858    

Bobbye Allison (Ray)

Class of RHS 66 is still a great looking bunch of people! Thank you for all your efforts, sorry I could not be there.

11/22/21 11:12 AM #859    


James A "Jim" White


I do not know if you prefer writing postcards, greeting cards or letters – any is much appreciated. Dropping a note to these folks today would also be much appreciated!

The Stayton Residence


2501 Museum Way

Ft. Worth, TX 76107

(not a permanent address - perhaps for the next month only)


225 Brookview Drive

Hurst, TX 76054

BOBBY ALLISON (Ernie/Ernestine)

1453 E. Beach Blvd. #306

Pass Christian, MS 39571

There are others suffering difficult health issues but I am not aware. The one thing I know is these three really appreciate contact. They care about you. I hope you care about them enough to make this extra effort. We love you all.

Jim (and Kathy) White - currently in Palm Springs

11/24/21 11:30 AM #860    

Brenda Day

Brenda Day

4813 Greenwood Dr.

Rosenberg, Texas.

Not sure where that I live in Vegas came from.  I have never lived there.

12/05/21 09:08 PM #861    


James A "Jim" White

KEEPING UP WITH CLASSMATES: Sorry, I do not have enough WiFi power in this RV Park to attach pictures but here is what little I know is going on with a few of our classmates:

BARBARA BUZBEE has met with Kathy and me two times in Palm Springs and she is doing great! We even did a little dancing one night but mostly told stories.

BOBBY ALLISON has had challanges but is doing much better at present. If you care to drop Bobby and Ernie a note, his address is a few posts back.

MARY MAULDIN GARCIA is doing well and living in Yuma now, although she still visits family in Las Vegas. Her dear husband, Ray, has horrible back problems so that keeps both of them on their toes.

MIKE TURNER lives in San Diego and stopped by to see Kathy and me a couple of times while we were in Yuma. He is loving being a grandparent.

TERRY BOONE is doing well and he and Judy took a trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

BOYCE McFARLAND lives only a mile from the aforementioned Parkway but was not home when Terry passed. When Boyce was a young Airman stationed in England, he met and fell in love with a very pretty Swedish girl. They married but later divorced for reasons neither of them can recall. Anyway, Boyce and Annie just remarried the day after Thankgiving. Congratulations Boyce and best wishes, Annie.

JILL WEBSTER REED is still suffering from alzheimers. If you could drop her a note, that would be nice. Her address is on same post a few back. Harold, her husband, is a saint.

CECIL THROWER is doing well although he had to leave the reunion a bit early. As Cecil would say, "Have a blessed day."

I have not talked with LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSEN in a week or two, but she was doing better from being completely paralyzed. She is busy with rehab and starting to get use of her arms. May God's blessings be with this wonderful, kind person. Her husband died this past year, her son lives in Washington, D.C., so she has many challenges ... none that she deserves.

RODNEY WESTENBARGER is doing well after having emergency surgery which kept him from attending the reunion. He is well enough that he just arrived at his San Tan home in Arizona.

MARLA GIBSON FREY just barely missed me stopping by her house last week when I was in Orange, Dana Point and San Clemente. Listen closely and you will hear her beathe a sigh of relief.

And lastly, I have not talked with either lately but I wish to thank MARIANNE COONS McCULLOUGH and DENNY HUNTER for all have done to keep this group of friends and classmates together. May all of you have improved health and new adventures.

12/06/21 07:45 AM #862    


Dennis R. Hunter

Hey all .... Joanne and I are great and back doing community project like Wreaths Across America in laying of wreaths on Veterans graves later this month. I am back engaged in many American Legion projects as the Commander as well as working with homeless support and Joanne busy with handing out food to those in need!  
We wish all a Merry Christmas and hoping all these classmate having medical issues a speedy recovery or lessen pain in their lives. 
Maryanne deserves all the credit for the many things she did and organized for our classmates!  Give her a shout-out of thanks!  



01/26/22 06:12 PM #863    


James A "Jim" White

The 55-Year Reunion pictures are partially done. More will be coming when I find those pictures that disappeared on me. No one worked harder to attend than ROGER CARL and now I cannot find his pictures. There are more .... and KAREN McCARTY FINK and WALLY REYNOLDS, we know it was not easy for either of you to attend either. As for other news:

JILL WEBSTER REED has alzheimer's progression plus fell and hit her head this past week. A close friend was having a conversation with Jill and asked, "Aren't your children near you?" Jill reverted back to 1973 and replied, "No, they are in Masawa, Japan" where she and Harold were stationed at the time. If you would like to write her, or stop by if you are in Hurst/Ft. Worth area, let me know and I will give you contact information. I am going to try to see her in April myself. Harold has been wonderful and he is working with a recent hip replacement.

MARILYN "BUNNY" HILLMAN may be having a difficult time. Well, I know she is because she could not come to the phone. With her daughter not knowing me, I could get very little information but I did confirm her mailing address if you would like to send a card.

PEGGY WARE KOGER may be having surgery soon. However, she asks prayers for her brother, Patrick, who was intubated last week. They are slowly trying to wake him up from an induced coma at present (a several day process).

LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSEN still has her challenges from being paralyzed but she thinks she found a place to move that will be able to assist her enough. Right now she is in critical care and thinks that can be reduced, but not by much. The hospital wants her room any way so let us hope next week brings better news. Remember, her husband died this past year and her only child lives and works in Washington, D.C.  She can talk by phone and loves to as long as she is not undergoing treatment at the moment. She will pick up the phone with the one arm that works. She is still very, very sharp. Also, Laura Knight Atkins (now deceased) husband, Jesse spoke with Laurie this past week and wrote me that more should phone her. If you would like to, let me know and I will send you her phone number. Laurie loves this class and paid $300 for the musician at the prereunion although she could not be there.

RODNEY WESTENBARGER again had critical, emergency surgery (remember, he died twice on the table a little over a year ago) and that prevented him from coming to the reunion. Anyway, he is doing well and he and Myra (Barnes GHS '67) are at their winter home in San Tan, Arizona.

LOUIS BAGWELL, BARBY MITCHELL STAGNER, HERKY VEACH -- Kathy and I are on Galveston Island if you come this direction again. We would love to see you. BOB and KAREN HARRINGTON REAM, we may be able to catch up with you the end of March as we intend to be at Lake Conroe. TERRY BOONE, JILL WEBSTER REED, CECIL THROWER, LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSEN and MILDRED ANDREWS FORD, it is our intention to see all of you in April. 

Also, we posted another loss of a classmate today, JAMES WADE. If you have any childhood stories with James, please share them on his memorial page. Thank you.

02/03/22 09:54 AM #864    


James A "Jim" White

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Peggy Ware Koger who just lost her brother. We are so sorry for your loss, Peggy.

02/03/22 10:11 AM #865    


James A "Jim" White

Happy Birthday to PAM LISTEN RICKS, our world traveler. Best wishes for you and Bill on whatever beach you are at. 😀

02/03/22 08:15 PM #866    


James A "Jim" White


11/10/1948 - 1/30/2022

I only knew Ron in passing. I "think" he was a footballer but do not know that for certain. If you knew Ron, will you please go to IN MEMORY on the top bar of this website and tell a story about him. By my count, Ron had 10 children, 24 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. Rest in Peace, hardworking man.

Special thank to LINDA MAXWELL VANDEWART that advised us of Ron's passing.

02/03/22 09:06 PM #867    


James A "Jim" White

Bobby Allison is one of the most loved classmates in our class. Bobby Allison and his song writing partner, Gerry Spehar, just released an album .... possibly their last. Sure I love Bobby (and Ernie). You probably do too. Sure Kathy and I love his music, as does Michaele Austin Kelly who also enjoys Bobby's and Ernie's close friendship. Friendship, like what we have in this class, is what i am writing about. 

The below inside cover reads: "This album captures the best of Bobby Allison and Gerry Spehar, two old friends who lived the troubadour wild life in 70's Colorado, and the ambitious songwriter scramble in the Nashville 80's, and never stopped. They had too much fun, but the craft was dead serious."

"It is dedicated to friendship, collaboration and Country Music -- all of which we could use more of."

'"Here's to us and them like us, damn few, all dead."

Classmates, your friendship to others, like Bobby and Gerry, makes me proud to be part of your class and your friend.


03/24/22 04:28 PM #868    


James A "Jim" White

PEGGY WARE McPHILLIMY KOGER wishes to thank those that prayed for her successful heart valve surgery followed by successful pace maker implant surgery. She is doing well so thanks to the classmates that had her in their thoughts.

Hooray for MARDI GONYEA NICKLIN leaving this week to visit with her foster daughter in California. Have a great visit, you wonderful foster parent.

Who will you see in the near future? I spoke with but missed seeing in person LOUIS BAGWELL and HERKY VEACH while I was in Galveston. I am close now to BOB and KAREN REAM but do not know if we will be able to connect. However, in the next 2-3 weeks near Ft. Worth, Kathy and I will visit with JILL WEBSTER REED (near final stage), LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSEN, TERRY BOONE and JIM BROWN.

As CECIL THROWER would say, "Have à blessed day."  Oh, and I will give the website my new credit card info soon and get rid of the ads.

03/31/22 09:18 PM #869    


James A "Jim" White

Sadly, I left Galveston without seeing LOUIS BAGWELL or HERKY VEACH. My bad. Tomorrow I will see JILL WEBSTER REED who resides in a memory care facility. Saturday and Sunday will be spent with TERRY BOONE and JIM BROWN. Next week I will see LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSEN and a slight chance to see CECIL THROWER. Who will you be reaching out to?

04/01/22 05:00 PM #870    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

Margie and I are travelling again! Currently on a plane in Philly with next stop Madrid, Spain. April in Spain and May in Italy. More as the trip unfolds.

04/01/22 09:16 PM #871    


James A "Jim" White

BILL and MARGIE SLOAN are going to two great places I would like to visit - Spain and Italy. WOW! I am jealous.

BOBBY ALLISON'S latest and maybe final album, Delta Man, is doing well on all the internet sights, such as Spotify and others

Today Kathy and I visited JILL WEBSTER REED and her devoted husband, HAROLD. It was a great visit and she seem happy for the company. She was even able to discuss a couple of her bridemaids, the recently retired (again) ROBIN LOSTETTER and CHAROLETTE HOWELL NIX.

TERRY BOONE, JIM BROWN and I will spend the weekend at Boone's lake house on Possum Kingdom Lake. Hopefully 3 Roswellites won't drive Kathy and Judy crazy.

We will be visiting with LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSEN this coming week. If you are near Runaway Bay, let us get together before we move on to drop in on MILDRED ANDREWS FORD.

Finally, everyone, be like BILL SLOAN and let us know what is going on. This website is NOT the Jim White website. Blessings to you.

04/03/22 07:40 PM #872    

Karen Sue Harrington (Ream)

Jim, we would love to see you, give me a call at 936+203-9485 , hope to see you if you have time.......

04/27/22 11:18 AM #873    


James A "Jim" White

In our travels, my wife, Kathy, and I have been fortunate to visit with some classmates along the way. Do you know who they are?

MILDRED ANDREWS FORD is as sweet as ever and even prettier than this picture reflects.

What a delight LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSEN is. A very positive lady despite health difficulties. She reflects the courage of this class.

MICHAELE AUSTIN KELLY and husband, Wayne, were kind enough to meet with us on short notice.

TERRY BOONE and JIM BROWN are seen here on Terry's dock at his Lake Home. Yes, of course, we had fun.

JILL WEBSTER REED had a good day the day we visited with her. Her husband, H.D., has been a wonderful caretaker. Jill recalled me from high school days.

BOBBY ALLISON and ERNIE, two of the nicest people on the planet. We barely missed them in Mississippi and were planning to meet in Ouray, Colorado the first week in June, but now that appears we cannot make happen. That makes all of us sad.  :-(

So, which of our classmates do you wish to spend time with? We will try to connect you IF you have lost contact. Send pictures.




04/28/22 09:26 AM #874    


James A "Jim" White

Kathy and I also had the good fortune to have lunch with MARY HUSEMOLLER and BILL in Durango, CO this week. They are so much fun.


PHOTOBOMBED and we did not know it.

We will probably not go through Colorado this trip back to Washington State so it means we probably will not be able to connect with DENNY HUNTER or BOBBY ALLISON as we planned. Of course, we always miss DAN DANIEL who we use to visit with in Colorado Springs before he died.

04/29/22 08:52 AM #875    


Margaret W. "Peggy" Ware (Koger)

You and Kathy are the best representatives of our class and Roswell!



05/05/22 09:05 AM #876    


James A "Jim" White

Kathy and I were fortunate to see CHIP KING in Florida about three months before he died. Chip was a great guy loved by many. If you knew him, feel free to write on his, or anyone's, IN MEMORY page.

Share with us remembrances of your friends.

05/06/22 08:37 AM #877    


Roger Carl

Yesterday, Paula and I celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary.  We did nothing earthshaking, but just the pure pleasure of accomplishment made for a wonderful day of sharing with friends locally as well as family and friends around the country.  We have been in Charleston 28+ years, but had several stops along the way where we developed a lot of very close attachments.  Added to that joy of good friends is the joy of a strong and supportive family of our four kids and nine grands give us so much to celebrate. 

And the most amazing thing after 49 years is that we still want to be with each other as much as we did back then.  Amazing Grace & Love!

Pictures of the big event back then and a late lunch at our favorite Greek restaurant yesterday.


05/06/22 12:08 PM #878    


Margaret W. "Peggy" Ware (Koger)

Happy Anniversary ‼️  That's an amazing accomplishment. 
I remember so enjoying our conversation at the 50th reunion.  



05/16/22 12:01 PM #879    


James A "Jim" White

It was nice for DOREEN WILLIAMS to meet me for coffee on a minute's notice. Either she is very nice and likes me (all classmates), or really wanted a Starbucks coffee! Just kidding. Doreen has always been very, very sweet. We have a great class.

05/19/22 04:38 PM #880    


James A "Jim" White




Do you ever look at the class site and see if one of your dear, dear friends in Jr. and High School is having a birthday. Wouldn't they like to hear from you?

Carol Zorn is in Tennesee. Peggy Ware recently had heart valve replacement, Brenda Day is still in Artesia, as far as I know; I think Bob Gadberry is in Albuquerque and so on and so on. Please correct my memory and write or call your friends that have not heard from you in years.       

~Jim White

•   Carol Ann Zorn  5/20
•   Margaret W. "Peggy" Ware (Koger)  5/21
•   Brenda Day  5/22
•   Bob Gadberry  5/22
•   Joanne Crotzer (Rusk)  5/31
•   Lynn Marie Harris  6/8
•   Marilyn Miller (Michael)  6/10
•   Paul Anthony Zielinski  6/13
•   Nettie Lee Crawford  6/16
•   James F "Jim" Gill  6/16


05/20/22 09:38 AM #881    


Robin E. Lostetter

Hey!  What happened to the early May birthdays??  Huh, huh?  Surely I'm not the only one.  :) 

Happy birthday all you Taureans and Geminis!!


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