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06/28/23 04:44 PM #988    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

Tuesday the 27th was our last night in Sydney. Had an early dinner at the 82nd floor SkyTower. Buffet was extensive and well prepared. Then off to the Sydney Opera House for the Australian Opera Company production of "Aida." The cast was superb. I  annoy vouch for the acoustics as our seats were on the 3rd row!! All of the voices were dynamic from where I sat!

06/28/23 04:46 PM #989    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

Yikes for auto complete๐Ÿค” Please change Annoy to "cannot"

06/28/23 05:36 PM #990    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

For those of us who wondered: Spell check and Auto-complete are not AI algorithms. They are in fact run by a small leprechaun trying to be very helpful while regrettably very drunk!

07/02/23 05:16 PM #991    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

We have joined a NatGeo/ G Adventures tour with 8 others plus our guide Daisy. From Melbourne we traveled The Great Ocean Road and along the way we saw a wild koala up in a eucalyptus tree. This is apparently an uncommon viewing.

Yesterday 2 July we started our visit to Youth (Ayer's Rock). From our group photo you can see we are a very serious group!

07/02/23 05:17 PM #992    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan


07/04/23 10:21 AM #993    


Barbara Dell Buzbee (Thompson)

Catching up on messages. WOW. WHOA. Great!  Chip's Mom was fantasty! So was his father. Is Carol around. Chip's older sister. What great news. Tomorrow. Her birthday. Fantastic. Who would have known she would have lived this long so perfectly. Makes my Independence day this much better. I truly loved several of my friend's mothers. These women were shockingly alert!  I've sat in her mucuhg room with her, Chip's father sleeping, & Chip: discussing how we are going to do better. Lo. Otherwise, not disturb them in the middle of the night. They were always great  to me as well as wonderful, Chip.  Ty. Jim & Kathy ๐Ÿ’

08/03/23 11:58 PM #994    


James A "Jim" White

Kathy and I are still traveling and seeing classmates all over. If I do not see them, I at least talk with them. Are you talking with your classmates? Here is a little of what I know:

Yes, BOYCE McFARLAND and Annie  just took a triip to Sweden. Annie is from Sweden and some young USAF Officer swept her off her feet back in the day, 'tho he may think it is the opposite. I "think" they are back home although they may still be going across Europe.

MIKE TURNER and Connie are the typical, doting parents and grandparents most of us are. Isn't his daughter lovely? Look at the bow tie wearing grandson. Mike, you have a right to be proud.

Talking about bow ties! My two grandsons joined me for a picture before my youngest son's wedding. By the way, the suit I am wearing was Andy Andersen's (LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSEN husband) before he died. Traveling around the country in an RV does not leave me much closet room ... but I do need to take the suit in and have the sleeves shortened. 

JERRY ROBBINS performs at The County Line (Restaurant and Club) in Albuquerque monthly. Go see him. You will be glad you did.

We were very fortunate to have JERRY ROBBINS perform at the Wines of the San Juan (Kathy's sister's winery) near Navaho Dam. Thank you so much, Jerry.



08/04/23 12:52 AM #995    


James A "Jim" White

Have I told you how wonderful and open our classmates are? My daughter and granddaughter are in NAPA this week to hear Tony Award Winner vocalist, Sutton Foster, perform. JOHN LESLIE WOLFE, do you know Sutton? Anyway, for emergencies, if our two travelers had one, I called LOUISE YBARRA CHRISTENSEN to inform her. Of course, without pressure and with no advance notice, Louise and Rick opened their house to Lyndee and Marybella ... and let Lyndee play their piano made in the 1800's. What wonderful, gracious, classmates we have. Thank you, Louise, and HAPPY 57th- ANNIVERSARY this week.

My daughter is a vocalist with the Seattle Opera (at present) so I wonder if our two vocalist classmates, JOHN LESLIE WOLFE or BRENDA RIDENER BRADLEY have any suggestions about my daughter, Lyndee White, new venture?       www.lifeinpinkjazz.com

MARY MAULDIN GARCIA just lost her husband of over 50-years. They had just moved back to Las Vegas, NV from Yuma. I have met him a couple times and he was a really nice man. You have our deepest sympathy, Mary.

JIM NAPIER came to the County Line when JERRY ROBBINS was performing and we had a good visit. Sorry I cannot find a picture now. Thank you for coming to meet with us, Jim.

As for my California friend who we use to discuss our addict children, how is yours? My son is 7-years sober and doing great! I pray that yours is too.

COL. (USMC retired) BILL SLOAN and MARGIE will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in October, in Florida. Meanwhile, they have been all over the southern hemisphere from Chili to Austrailia. Are you back yet? Hey, Bill, I never gave you the contact information for the invitation. There is only a 5% chance we could make it. Our son is being promoted to Full-Bird Colonel (USAF) about that time but send it anyway to: JWhiteCLU@aol.com.

Talking about traveling, TERRY BOONE and JUDY just got back from Europe. They went all over the place, even Croatia. Welcome back, T-Bone.

So ELIZABETH GWARTNEY LOWNEY moves and leaves her BFF, JUDI ADAMS MORRIS, in Colorado and what does she get?  Thirty-one straight days of 110+ degrees temperature. You should keep two homes, Elizabeth. Your heart and dogs would appreciate it. :-)

BOBBY ALLISON and ERNIE are doing pretty well. Not certain, but I think Bobby is in a home so he can have full-time assistance with his Parkinson's. Bobby's little service dog is very popular at the home. Also, some musicians came in and Bobby really had a good time. Remember, Bobby use to be an EPIC Records recording star and has some C.D.'s. He started performing in Colorado but has performed all over from New Orleans (where he met Ernistine and married her), to Nashville, TN to Deadwood, SD.

Please, everyone, let us know what you are doing. I will close with a couple pictures.

This toast is for you. And if you live anywhere between Seattle to Illinois (probably going I-90 route), let us know. We leave Washington September 5th. Plan to be at Scott AFB, near St. Louis, by September 20th.

08/04/23 09:41 PM #996    


James A "Jim" White

Happy Birthday PAT SOLEMAN. We have known each other since the 1st grade. You use to live across the street from BETTY McCOMBSand RHONDA BERNING. You and I use to clean your dad's planes. Damn, that was not fun getting the bugs off underneath the wings. But do you know what I think is the most amazing about you? Everyone loves you. I mean "everyone." Wish I could say the same about me. Pat, you were a wonderful guy growing up, you and your brother, Gary(RIP), threw the best high school parties on your homestead out in the country, and you have always been the nicest fellow to be around. Do you remember when we towed the Henry J out to your farm and was going to put the Ford Station Wagon V8 into it? That did not go well. And how about ole "Lonesome Butt?" For others, that was the goat/ram that would let you get in the middle of the field then charge you. If you sat down on the ground, he would stop. It was a constant up and down until you reached the fence line. Thank you for being my friend, and that is not related to you owning an Escort Service. I will let other figure that out. I looked all over for pictures of Pat but could not find them. Happy Birthday, Pat.


08/08/23 02:12 PM #997    


James A "Jim" White

GRIEF ALL AROUND: ๐Ÿ˜” The ever funny and silly CAROL NORMAN CONOWAY lost her lifelong mate recently. We are so sorry for the loss of your husband, Carol

MARDI GONYEA NICKLIN lost her first great granddaughter. Niva only lived 20-days, but went into the hearts of many. Mardi, we grieve with and for you.

08/08/23 02:13 PM #998    


James A "Jim" White

GRIEF ALL AROUND: ๐Ÿ˜” The ever funny and silly CAROL NORMAN CONOWAY lost her lifelong mate recently. We are so sorry for the loss of your husband, Carol

MARDI GONYEA NICKLIN lost her first great granddaughter. Niva only lived 20-days, but went into the hearts of many. Mardi, we grieve with and for you.

08/10/23 01:12 PM #999    


James A "Jim" White

Hawaii Fires: As of 12:00 noon PDT, death toll has risen from 6 to 36. DEBRA PIKE lives on the Big Island and is, I assume, in less danger. Also, winds are dying down. As for Maui, where the most damage and all the deaths are, so far, BUNNY HILLMAN lives there. Luckily, Marilyn (i.e. Bunny) does not live in or real close to Lahaina but have no clue near her homestead. We may hear from Debra, who checks in periodically; Bunny never does. I have left a message on both phones.

08/11/23 12:40 PM #1000    

Patricia "Patsi" Hughes

I hope she's ok. It is tragic for sure. Prayers for all of them.

08/12/23 01:40 AM #1001    


James A "Jim" White

Hooray, BUNNY HILLMAN checked in! She says "Aloha all" and that she, her daughter and son are all okay. She appreciates our concern for her and her family. Thank you, Bunny, for responding.

08/15/23 10:24 AM #1002    


James A "Jim" White

HOORAY! We have found DEBORAH PIKE. Deborah lived on Maui for many years, and intends to move back soon. She loves Maui. She has been living on the Big Island with her daughter. About two years ago, while teaching, a 17 year old student beat her up and kicked her in the head causing brain damage. I will not give any more details other than she loves Roswell and classmates and is able to talk if you call. It is almost a certainty that both Deborah and Bunny Hillman lost friends and acquaintenses on their beloved island.

08/16/23 12:00 PM #1003    


Margaret W. "Peggy" Ware (Koger)

Prayers for both Bunnry and Deborah.  Poor Deborah. That's just awful what happened to her! 

08/22/23 03:21 PM #1004    


James A "Jim" White

LOSS OF SPOUSE: Many classmates have had this experience; I have not. Another non-classmate friend lost her husband this morning. Kathy and I have at least three friends in final stage at the moment, and probably another four friends in the midst of their battle with cancer. I spoke with recently widowed MARY MAULDIN GARCIA yesterday and struggling, as maybe you have, with the loss. A friend of ours told us this year, "You prepare for the death, the loss, and you handle it; but you never prepare for life afterwards." MARY (married 57 years) is fortunate to have family nearby, and close friends, like MARIANNE COONS McCULLOUGH, who supports her.

If you have gone through this type of loss, would you care to share how you handled it? How it still effect you?

09/04/23 06:26 AM #1005    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

Happy Birthday greetings from Bill and Jim to Chuck Parham and honorary 66'er Shirley Gill. Attaching a photo from 4 years ago as Kathy and Jim swung through Florida.

We hope all of us now over 75 are well as are all of you younger (<75) ones!

09/04/23 07:21 PM #1006    


Linda Kay Maxwell (Vandewart)

I posted this picture of Carl Spencer and myself going to North Junior High Prom and asked if anybody knew of his whereabouts. Sadly, we heard from his niece that Carl passed away in August of 2020. He lived near Austin, Texas at the time of his passing. Rest in heavenly peace dear Carl. 

09/06/23 10:00 PM #1007    


James A "Jim" White

Thank you Linda Maxwell Vandewart for advising the class of CARL SPENCER'S passing in 2020. I am on the road (currently in Montana) and do not have time or good enough WiFi to try to find an obituary (somewhere around Austin). I did list Carl In Memory section. Anyone care to search for an obituary?

Please review the In Memory section and write your comments about our classmates, including Carl. We would love to read them. Further, please advise us of any classmates that you know are deceased, and make certain if you pass, have someone notify us. Thank you. Blessings on your health.

09/15/23 01:26 PM #1008    


Linda Kay Maxwell (Vandewart)

from Carl Spencer's wife Lynda in reference to his passing in August


This is a great picture! He was terrible about keeping up with old friends, but did think of and mention you and several others often.  He always intended to catch up one of these days!  Carl was married twice, (I was the 2nd) had 2 sons, 3 stepchildren and 8 grandchildren and adored them all. He lived his last 20 years outside Austin.  We live near a lake and he  loved to fish.  He always worked in the construction business, both commercial and residential. Thanks for posting this - because things were closed up and crazy when he died we were unable to have a proper funeral or notifications and appreciate this opportunity to inform those old friends still around.

09/16/23 08:30 PM #1009    


R. E. Herky Veatch

I am sorry to read that Carl passed away. I am not surprised that he was in the constrution business as his father was as well. I tried to contact him several times while I was in the Navy even through Johnny Morgan and Ray Baby Baker. He was a great guy.

09/26/23 01:54 PM #1010    


Carol Norman (Conaway)

09/26/23 02:00 PM #1011    


Carol Norman (Conaway)

I worked on this FOREVER. And still sideways.  Oh, Well.  I know Dusty is in the picture, of course everyone knows DUSTY. But who are the others?  Please. This was at our 10th reunion.  My parents moved me to Phoenix in the summer of my Junior year.  I was so sad to leave. I made friends and knew so many people.

Being from a military family I moved nearly every two years. I have come to be grateful to all the Roswell kids over the years. Roswell was home to me, because of all of you.


Thank you.

11/05/23 08:15 PM #1012    


James A "Jim" White

Hi Everybody. Thank you Bill Sloan for letting us know about your trip. We really appreciate it and hope others will let us know what is going on in their life. Bill and Margie celebrated their 50th Anniversary in Albuquerque a month or two ago. Sorry we could not come, Bill. As you know, we were with our USAF son in Illinois who was being promoted to full-bird Colonel. Too important for us to miss, but you were a close 2nd. :-)

Sweet Linda Henry Crowder and Brenda Henry White just lost their mom. Carol Henry, who was a real sweetie and character. Kathy and I had a blast with her a couple of times as we visited Palm Springs. In fact, Barbara Buzbee met with all of us one time. Anyway, Carol's service will be 10:00am this Thursday. If you live in Roswell and care to show your support, information is below. Today I heard from Linda and she will be there.

Here is Kathy's and my schedule in case you will be nearby. We left Nashville a couple weeks ago. Following the music trail we will go to Memphis this Wednesday (anyone love Beale Street?). This weekend, on Boyce McFarland's advice, we will be in Clarksdale, Mississippi, home of the Blues (before Memphis tried to take it over). Then we will be onto Biloxi,MS and Pass Christian, MS where we will spend some time with Bobby Allison and Ernie. A couple weeks ago we saw Johnny Rodriguez perform. Bobby Allison use to open for Johnny. Michelle Austin Kelly can tell you how much fun it is visiting with Bobby and Ernie. December 1 we move onto New Orleans for three days, then Lake Charles, Louisiana for a couple, then onto Lake Conroe, where we will most assuredly see Bob Ream and Karen Harrington Ream. We will be spending Feb-Mar-Apr at Jamaica Beach on Galveston Island where we are certain to see Herky and Mary Veach and Louis Bagwell between medical appointments and Kathy's knee replacement. Barby Mitchell Stagner, care to have lunch with Louis and me again?  Any other classmate along our path we can hookup with? I wish Johnny Allen (Houston attorney) would meet with us.

Please write, everyone. Let us know who is sick, who has died, what you are doing. We only have about 2 people per day checking the website. Also, Dennis Hunter  who helped us on the last reunion has a birthday coming up. Go look at the front page to see who else has one coming. And look at Memorial Page and write stories about your friends growing up.

-Jim White





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