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11/03/22 08:46 PM #928    


James A "Jim" White

Thank you for your kind comments about my insane curiosity about "Whatever happened to ole so and so."

I spoke with JILL WEBSTER REED'S husband, H.D., and Jill is still doing okay at her memory care facility although she may be stuck in the 1980's and possibly Japan (they lived there for awhile). If you care to drop her a note, I promise she will know who sent it. She will remember you as a student/friend and be thrilled you wrote, although she probably will not remember you wrote 30 minutes after. If you wish to give Jill a 20-minute thrill, let me know by private message and I will give you Harold and Jill's address.

11/03/22 08:59 PM #929    


James A "Jim" White

LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSEN has relocated to another care facility and she is (somehow) in the "independent" wing of it. This one is very able to provide coverage, meals and more, including Wine with meals if resident provides it. Anyway, the place is larger, closer to her home, has more views and costs less. If you would like to drop Laurie a note, or go visit her in the Ft. Worth area, drop me a private message and I will put you together.

11/10/22 08:25 AM #930    


James A "Jim" White

Hurricane Nichole passed by BONNIE KING'S (CHIP'S WIDOW) home on Merritt Island with much force little damage. About now the hurricane is approaching BILL SLOAN'S home with a more direct blow (pun intended) and by 7:00 tonight the hurricane should be going across KAREN McCARTY MESSINA'S front porch. RON WESTENBARGER ('65) will have effects but, hopefully, not horrific. All of us have friends, maybe family, in addition to classmates in Florida. Keep them in our mind and prayers in this 2nd severe hurricane to hit Florida. That is all from this ill-informed non-weather man.

11/10/22 08:25 AM #931    


James A "Jim" White

Hurricane Nichole passed by BONNIE KING'S (CHIP'S WIDOW) home on Merritt Island with much force little damage. About now the hurricane is approaching BILL SLOAN'S home with a more direct blow (pun intended) and by 7:00 tonight the hurricane should be going across KAREN McCARTY MESSINA'S front porch. RON WESTENBARGER ('65) will have effects but, hopefully, not horrific. All of us have friends, maybe family, in addition to classmates in Florida. Keep them in our mind and prayers in this 2nd severe hurricane to hit Florida. That is all from this ill-informed non-weather man.

11/10/22 08:31 AM #932    


James A "Jim" White

Two generous classmates are about to have birthdays. DENNIS HUNTER jumped in the 55-year reunion and has been most helpful whenever we need computer help. SHARON WISHARD CHRISTIAN jumped in and chaired a key reunion when no one else would take charge. Happy birthday, DENNIS and SHARON.

11/11/22 07:59 AM #933    


Dennis R. Hunter

First let me say thanks for the Birthday "Shout Out" ... getting closer (next year) to that ripe old age of 3/4 of a century is a milestone that many of us Veterans don't get to!

On Veterans Day 2022, let us all reach out and say "Thanks for your service" to the millions of living Veterans today from as far back as WWII and including many from the Korean War and of course the Vietnam War.  However we have many that are Veterans of the most recent ones like Gulf, Iraq and Afganistan War's.  When the World had needed us, the US and it's allies have always made sure they are there to support FREEDOM!  And please, take this day to also pray for those that are still fighting or supporting their coutries like Ulkraine in conflicts/wars that were not of their making! 

Happy Birthday Sharon too!!!

11/11/22 10:26 AM #934    

Sharon Wishard (Christian)

Jim thank you for the Happy Birthday wish, and to say I enjoyed doing lth 50th Class Reunion. I Wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Birthday, Dennis!


11/11/22 12:23 PM #935    


Karen McCarty (Messina)

Just a short note to classmates to let you know we had no damage on the East coast of Florida from the tropical storm Nicole. We had winds up to 40 mph with lots of rain but nothing of substantial damage. It took more of a toll on our dog who decided she did not want to go out in the wind and rain to go potty. Fortunately, Amazon had delivered rain gear the day before so the day was saved!  My heart and prayers go out to the people on the east coast of Florida who lost homes due to wind and storm surge.  Always difficult to cope when a home is lost even if insurance covers most of the loss.  Hopefully this season of hurricanes and storms is over! 


11/11/22 12:46 PM #936    


James A "Jim" White

Thank you KAREN McCARTY MESSINA for reporting in a Florida report.. I also spoke with BILL SLOAN (retired marine), BONNIE KING, and RON WESTENBARGER (retired Air Force as is RODNEY) and they are okay too. Sorry, Daytona for what happened to you.

DENNY HUNTER, Commander of his American Legion Post (I think), is right about remembering and honoring our Veterans. Want to remember our classmates that served? 'CLICK' on Classmate Profiles above and look at the Flags on our class roster to see who served. KEITH BURKE is retired Marine but failed to list his service in the profile. Keith, your Flag is missing, ole Buddy. Look at the classmates you had no idea served, like RHONDA BERNING ZINN and LISLE BOREM, both of whom retired from the service. Go take a look and, of course, do not pass by RODNEY BLACK without a thank you. I might write a story about his death in Vietnam on Memorial Day next year.

Thinking of my own daughter-in-law, we must remember the spouses of military service members who have moved all over the world with their spouses, including, but not limited to, KAREN (above) and LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSEN. Thank you, Veterans and Spouses.

11/26/22 12:00 PM #937    


James A "Jim" White

We hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did in Illinois (Scott AFB) with our son and family. Next week will find us in Seattle and the following week back in Palm Springs.

Will you share with your classmates what is going on in your life? I really feel that many classmates have dropped out of touch because they do not hear enough from you. They are tired of the Jim White blog, as I would be. Only six classmates, including me, have signed onto the class site in the past seven days. Think about it.  Also, if you have contact with other classmates, bring us up to date with those too bashful to tell us what is going on, such as:

- TERRY BOONE went to South America recently. Sometimes I think he has more excursions than Fed-Ex.

- BOYCE McFARLAND is getting pretty good on the guitar and is amazing when you think he is a 70+ year old teaching himself.

- DONNA BURKENBULE is working hard preparing her Ruidoso home for sale and, sadly, will soon be caretaker for her sister who is having memory issues.

- BILL SLOANE will soon be going to Austrailia and other locations.

- LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSEN'S son, David, brought his wife and Laurie's youngest granddaughter from Washington, D.C. to have Thanksgiving. If anyone knows a nursing home caretaker seeking additional hours, let us know. Laurie needs more help, especially on weekends.

- JILL WEBSTER REED is about the same. Our hearts are still with she and H.D. as they go through this memory care decline. By the way, H.D. is volunteering out at D/FW so you might see him there sometime.

MARDI GONYEA NICKLIN is still dreaming about her recent trip to the beaches of California and would like to live there.

- ROGER CARL has not had any assignments lately (he teaches English in foreign countries) that I know of but he did report on one trip on this site.

TOMMY HOLLINGSHEAD use to check in but has not lately and the number we had for him is disconnected. Folks, do not make it difficult to reach you, find you. Update your profile .... please. PETE GARTON did not pick up my call but would you? An unknown, possibly Spam, number from Seattle? MARIANNE COONS McCULLOUGH, you have been way too silent and you know more than most what is going on. EVERYONE, what do you have planned for the Christmas holidays?

11/26/22 02:02 PM #938    

Robert Scaling

Jim and all classmates - I don't often post any messages but I sure enjoy reading everything that is posted. Beverly and I celebrated our 51st wedding anniversary this past July and are both doing well. We have lived in Las Cruces since 1988 and really like it here. We have three daughters, one in Albuquerque and two in the Dallas area, and seven Grandchildren. I still play golf a couple days per week and shoot my age or better regularly.

If you are ever in Las Cruces, we would love to see you. Take care and stay safe.

11/27/22 09:04 AM #939    


Robin E. Lostetter

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Buffalo NY - not a flake on the ground or in the air! (That nearly 7' snowfall was in "the southtowns," way south of my daughter's home, tho she'll get her share this winter!)

Both of my daughters & their guys, plus my two youngest grandsons gathered ON the actual day - rare for us. The two grown grandkids, both in the D.C. area, weren't with us but will be home at Christmas.

Everyone's over Covid: both girls are back from trips to Portugal to see their dad; and "which college" is the topic for the younger one's household.

I'll be heading to NC to do a wedding for a great niece, then visiting a great nephew & wife with a 2nd baby on the way, then on to SC to visit friends. Back mid-December to put up a tree & wrap presents.

The scary part is leaving my 14 yr-old cat without her lymphoma meds. No one else can get near her, & the vet & I hope she'll stay in remission.

When I got back from Buffalo, I found Betty Bacon Petkovich's annual First Xmas Card Received!! Betty & her husband John are doing well, but Betty is rarely on the computer.

So that's my report from central NY!


P.S. I moved when I retired 11 months ago - the last address change, unless there's a nursing home in my future. I'll double check that what's on the website is correct.

11/28/22 12:15 PM #940    


James A "Jim" White

Our classmates have some wonderful spouses. JILL WEBSTER REED'S husband, HAROLD (H.D.), is a loving and caring husband and loves our class as much as his own. PAM LISTON RICKS' husband, BILL, is so much fun we asked him to attend reunions even if she can't. Another great spouse is LAURA KNIGHT ATKINS' widower, JESSE ATKINS, which we can report great news. After Jesse's loss of Laura, he somehow reconnected with his first love from high school years. She was also a widow. The short story is they are now married and living parttime in New York and parttime in Santa Fe. Isn't young love great, evidence by some of the long marriages we have in our class? Miracle of all miracles, Kathy and I celebrated 52 years yesterday ... but please ... no sympathy cards for Kathy ... okay?

As I write this, one of our classmates is undergoing an expected 8-hour back surgery ... and he does accept prayers.

ELIZABETH GWARTNEY LOWNEY recently moved from north of Denver to southern Arizona. She loves it thus far but I suspect she has not been there in summer yet. I'd prefer a house both places, depending upon the season. Anyway, Kathy and I hope to connect with she and WALTER in early January as we pass through Arizona. Sadly, we will be passing through on I-8 vs. I-10 where we could connect with PEGGY WARE KOGER. Sorry to miss you, PEGGY.

We will be connecting with BARBARA BUZBEE in a couple weeks in Palm Springs. Hugs to everyone.


11/28/22 02:19 PM #941    


James A "Jim" White

PETE GARTON checked in and is doing well ... er ... as well as can be expected (lol). His wife, PATTY, had foot surgery similar to JERRY ROBBINS and it has been no fun, right JERRY? PETE is quite an advisor for me. He and his wife RV'd for over ten years before they bought their sticks and bricks in NE Texas.

Our site renewal fee comes up in January. I will keep you informed since they have my credit card on file.

We use to be the most informed class in our era. We are no longer but I commend the Class of '65 who seems to report classmate passings at a rate of one or two per week. Someome is keeping all in the loop. Have you notfied your children or caretaker to partner to notify us if/when you pass?

HERKY VEACH and LOUIS BAGWELL, heading your direction in February. Early February will find us at Lake Conroe. Talk with all of you soon.


11/29/22 09:07 AM #942    


Margaret W. "Peggy" Ware (Koger)

Jim,  thank you for the updates....what great news about Jesse Atkins!   We will be here in January, so give us a buzz if you're coming through! 
I am going to be a great-grandmother in the next couple of weeks! Cannot wait to have a another female in the family    Still putting off the foot surgery as it's going to be such a beast to recover from....any tips from those who have had navicular cuneiform surgery, please let me know.  

Congrats to you and Kathy on such a long a wonderful marriage and journey ; she is a saint, obviously.  Lol! 

Happy Holidays to all! 




11/29/22 03:57 PM #943    


James A "Jim" White

Here is what little I know about classmates having UPCOMING BIRTHDAYS





Corky Loudat  11/29  Corky Loudat lives in the Portland area and we visited a bit when I had an office there for a year decades ago. He and his wife are delightful and he was doing well and prospering back then.

Linda Kay Maxwell (Vandewart)  11/29  Linda lives in Roswell and is healthy as far as I know and enjoying being a grandmother. We co-chaired the 40-year reunion and I swear, she put in no less than 20 hours per week for the year leading up to the reunion. 



Larry Gene Winans  11/30  Larry Winans lives in Texas, I "think", but has no interest in reconnecting with the class. Hi sister, Dian, is a sweetheart and very active with her class of 1967.



Barbara Dell Buzbee (Thompson)  12/1  Barbara lives in Palm Springs and loves to visit with classmates if you are ever there. We will see her in a couple weeks and love our visits and her surprises, right Brenda Henry?


•   Mary Jo Tucker (Moore)  12/3  I cannot remember where Mary Jo lives but we use to converse quite a bit a couple decades ago. She lived on Davidson Drive with Bill Sloan and Tom Sabo. She was heart broken when she learned from Tom's death.



12/04/22 11:04 AM #944    


James A "Jim" White

I am fortunate in my RV travels to be able to see close friends along the way. I will see BARBARA BUZBEE again in about 7-10 days. I may get a chance to see MARY MAULDIN GARCIA in Yuma early January, will miss PEGGY WARE KOGER by about a hundred miles, will miss MIKE TURNER by about 150 miles but may catch up with ELIZABETH GWARTNEY LOWNEY in Arizona 2nd week of January, and MARDI GONYEA NICKLING the 3rd week. Around Galveston Island Mardi Gras time I will be close to BOB and KAREN HARRINGTON REAM, KAREN PATTERSON NICHOLS, RHONDA BERNING ZINN, LOUIS BAGWELL, HARKY VEACH and a couple others. Here are some of our classmates I have seen.

I am so greatful that because of our travels, I got to spend time with CHIP KING and Bonnie shortly before he died. I had never met Bonnie and we are now close friends. I had not seen Chip in years and it meant so much to see him before he passed away. Thanks for being my friend, Charlie J "Chip" King.

Yes, BARBARA BUZBEE is a crazy and funny as ever.

Evidence that LOUIS BAGWELL and I do not always drink beer together. We have iced tea too.

Kathy and I will be back on the Island from middle of February to the end of May.




12/05/22 09:14 AM #945    


Barbara Dell Buzbee (Thompson)

Fantastic Info, Kathy & Jim. Each visit is wonderful. Let's swim & jacuzzi this next visit. Meet this holiday wet before dancing with Will downtown Palm Spriings. The very best sax in the country. 

12/16/22 04:58 PM #946    


James A "Jim" White

Sadly, we announce the passing of WARREN HOLLINGSHEAD, brother to TOMMY HOLLINGSHEAD and married to SUSAN HUGGINS of our class. Thank you MARY HUSEMOLLER for updating our class. The last we knew, Warren and Susan were living near Tulsa, and Tommy was living in Alabama.

Our fiercely independent LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSEN would like to buy a used transport van I'd you know of one. She needs one tall enough to drive her electric wheelchair into. Also, if you know of an aid worker in Fort Worth area that may want some more hours, Laurie would love to talk with them.

CECIL THROWER just got back to Texas from California. He sends everyone his best wishes and blessings. PETE GARTON is doing well but staying pretty close to home.

Time is flying by in Palm Springs but, BARBARA BUZBEE, Kathy and I have not forgotten you and will see you soon.

Sweet DONNIA GOUGE O'BRIEN BROOKS has requested prayers for the coming week. Can we help?

Did you know ELIZABETH GWARTNEY LOWNEY abandoned her BFF, JUDI ADAMS MORRIS, in Colorado and moved to Tucson area?

BOYCE McFARLAND and Annie are loving their winter wonderland a mile off the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

Next: Where in the world is Wally Reynolds? Has DORIS FLOOD had enough snow in Nebraska?

Love yaw'll. Merry Christmas.

12/20/22 08:05 PM #947    


Walton Taylor "Wally" Reynolds

Howdy all classmates    just a up date   still alive   still in washington  recovering from broken ankle and replacment of left knee  planning on being on the move in motor home come spring  no solid destination as of right now  hope you all have a great Christmas and happy new year   living live as it comes

01/05/23 10:09 AM #948    


James A "Jim" White

Invading BARBARA BUZBEE Country.


Kathy and I were able to visit with BARBARA BUZBEE in Palm Springs. Barbara is still enjoying life, still healthy and can still stand on her head. Yes, I am not kidding. I have pictures but she posts her athletic ability on her own page.

We will be sad to miss PEGGY WARE KOGER by approximate 41 miles unless she can meet us for lunch half way on Monday. Can you? Message me. We were going to meet ELIZABETH GWARTNEY LOWNEY on Monday but she has chosen family over classmates. Well, dogs are family, right? Hers is having surgery so Elizabeth scratched Jim and Kathy off the calendar. On Tuesday we will be heading towards ROBERT SCALING, who we may meet in Las Cruces. Who else is there? We will be seeing MARDI GONYEA NICKLIN in Kerrville because she always has so many stories. We get to Lake Conroe around the end of the month. We will see a gang there, including BOB REAM and KAREN HARRINGTON REAM. RHONDA BERNING, KAREN PATTERSON NICHOLS, are you still around? Classmates are fun. Try calling or visiting a few yourself.

01/06/23 11:38 AM #949    


Barbara Dell Buzbee (Thompson)

Thank you for taking time to visit Christmas here in the desert. Again, it's always a pleasure to see Kathy & Jim,our loyal young buddies. As I drove away ffrom our visit: I looked back and there, Jim & Kathy were walking away holding hands. This is a great Christmas & New Year's present. I'll keep up with your travels  just in case I can meet with you again !  Now,  don't forget one of the LOVELIEST scenes anywhere is the Bluff above its stream.  There's no reason for sight seeing anywhere but the Bluff in Medina; it is more than superb!  It reminds me of the highest Roman Architecture; only in the Texan Sky. Mardi make sure they go. Our eldest daughter, Rosemary, lives right beneath the Medina Bluff & next to the stream, my favorite area in the state of Texas. 
Also,  her business with the best food in Texas is sold at the Farmer's Market in Medina & Kerville, where Mardi lives.  It is, Rosemary's Kitchen,  yeah, the apple falls not far from the tree!  All my very best to each of you.  Always & forever  we send all our love to Warren & Susan's friends & family  RIP  


01/15/23 07:43 PM #950    


James A "Jim" White

It was a long day and Kathy and, sadly, I passed right by ROBERT SCALING, GAYLE MOORE DIORIO, ROBERT OYLER and possibly others in Las Cruces. Please understand, it was a 511 mile day which is alot when one is driving at least 22,000 pounds and 56' long. Of course, WALLY REYNOLDS would say "...those numbers mean nothing. Do you remember what I drove to Seattle every day?" Anyway, when we finally brought the beast to a stop, we managed to see sweet MARDI GONYEA NICKLIN, the originator of this website we have.

Mardi and I at a fun Carribbean Club outside of Kerrville. Great lunch and company. Then Mardi, Kathy and I went to see the movie "Otto." The movie was quite interesting, depressing and funny alternately. Everyone, chime in and let us know what you are doing. We do want to know.



01/26/23 01:15 PM #951    

Julia "Jill" Webster (Reed)

I am a little remiss in holding up to my duties.  Jim Sanders was so kind to come to visit Jill while he was in Dallas at Christmas time.  It was fun listening to the times they had as kids from 2nd grade on.  I'm can't tell you for certain when Jim walked in if Jill knew his name but she definitely knew it was somebody from her past.  We had one of Jill's friends from the facility join us (uninvited) who spoke in Hindi the entire time.  I think she understood us but we didn't understand her at all.  But a good visit.  Thanks Jim for stopping by to see Jill.

On a sad note, yesterday our daughter (Anne) and oldest granddaughter (Juliet) went out to see Jill.  Anne said that she could tell that Jill didn't recognize Juliet.  And when Juliet stepped away for a minute Jill asked Anne who Juliet was.  Sad to see that she has forgotten all of her granddaughters.


01/28/23 10:38 AM #952    


Margaret W. "Peggy" Ware (Koger)

Thanks for updating us! What a good guy Jim is. And I am so sorry to hear Jill didn't recognized Juliet. 
Breaks my heart. 

Blessings and hugs ,HD. 



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