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10/15/21 09:23 AM #836    


Roger Carl

After a lot of stress and waiting, AA got me to Albuquerque last night 12 hours later than the original plan. Rada and I are leaving for Roswell after an early lunch. See you this evening!

10/15/21 09:34 AM #837    


Walton Taylor "Wally" Reynolds

Hello all  I made it  be there tonight at Peppers.  Wondering if anybody has information on a Mr Green?  My sister Ada wanted me to ask.Thanks  also Mr becker? thanks everyone !!!!!!!Wally Reynolds

10/15/21 11:04 AM #838    


Marianne Coons (McCullough)

For all reunion guest tonight at Peppers, park on the south side of Bank Building, 5th street.  Not on the restaurant side.  That side leads directly to glass double doors that lead to courtyard.  Do not go thru restaurant.  



10/16/21 01:07 PM #839    


James A "Jim" White



                     Joanne and Denny Hunter

Donna Birkenbuel - Molly Orr Crocket - Linda White Johnson






10/16/21 01:28 PM #840    


James A "Jim" White

More photo's from Thursday and Friday nights.








10/16/21 02:28 PM #841    


Robin E. Lostetter

Hi, Y'all! Thanks so much for posting the pictures!!

I have an odd request for while you're gathered. A note about Spring River Zoo caught my eye a few days ago & I thought - surely can't be the one in Roswell? But it was. And it described animals (bears & foxes in particular) in concrete habitats just as they were when we were kids - over 50 years ago.

Well, the article was by PETA & I wrote after doing a tad of "my own research," & said you must be wrong. Furthermore this is a municipal zoo, not a roadside zoo. I finally got their attention, and - da**! They were right!

If anyone wants to take a trip down memory lane to the zoo & confirm: https://support.peta.org/page/34513/action/1?locale=en-US, then perhaps we as a class could put pressure on the Spring River Zoo to accept offered funds to make humane improvements. I can't think of anything more appropriate from current & former [Rocketed] Coyotes than to help out our brother & sister bears & foxes!

With hugs to all,

10/17/21 08:00 AM #842    

Berry Cottrell Ives

Hi Robin!  I signed at the link and posted to FB...hope they get enough pressure that they cannot ignore us.  We should all do this,  Thanks for posting that, Robin. 

10/17/21 09:05 AM #843    


Rhonda Berning (Zinn)

Thank you so much for this information, Robin.  I went to the link and signed up.  It is ablosutely horrible how those poor animals the Lord entrusted to us, to be treated that way.  Roswell's people should of put a stop to this LONG AGO.  I posted it on FB as well.


10/17/21 01:56 PM #844    


Robin E. Lostetter

Rhonda & Berry - Thanks so much for checking this out & acting on it. Now, so will I!

Let's hear the Rockets & the Coyotes howl for the bears!

10/19/21 10:10 AM #845    


Dennis R. Hunter

Well see how many you can pick out of the 55 yr reuion ....


10/23/21 02:48 PM #846    


Roger Carl

I have been running ideas in my head all week about what to post about the 55th reunion.  Of course it was a great treat to just be with friends, but it was much, much more than that.  In our current pandemic ordeal with so much change, anger, loss and loneliness, it was a sweet emotional high for me.  Mostly, we see each other so seldom, that those of you who were such an important part of making me are forgotten.  But leading up to, during, and after being with the group, the memories come flooding back in waves of joy, laughter, sadness, and loss.

I heard my little sister and a couple of spouses comment that this class seemed to really like each other and enjoyed being together.  I sensed that as well.

My only regret is that I was so engrossed with a few folks, that I didn't get around to seeking out others.  I just ran out of time (and energy).

THANKS & Well done! --from me to our organizers, promoters, and workers for making it so easy to join in a fantastic reunion experience.  I am proud to be a part of the Roswell class of '66.

10/25/21 10:27 AM #847    


Rhonda Berning (Zinn)

Thank you for posting the picture of the 50th Reunion!!  Can someone tell me how to enlarge it???  Thanks!


10/26/21 08:50 AM #848    


Terry Michael Boone

Also, it would be nice if someone would label the picture with names at the bottom.  Some people don't look exactly like that did in high school smiley, which makes it hard to know who's who.

10/27/21 02:46 PM #849    


Rhonda Berning (Zinn)

MaryLou, thank you for the suggestion but I couldn't expand it so I got my magnifing glass out and still had no luck......It isn't a good one anyway.  I couldn't  EVEN  find Jimmy White!  Maybe someone who is more tecnically advanced with PC's could do it and as Terry Boone said, also give the names, maybe according to the row!  I SURE SAW THE ALIEN!!!!!!

10/27/21 02:56 PM #850    


Rhonda Berning (Zinn)

OK Dennis Hunter.......thank you for the e-mail I JUST saw with the pic that I could expand!!!  Thanks again sooo much!

I started to the right of the picture and recognized these people:

Mary Ann Coons, Jimmy White, Doreen Williams, Dickie Davis, Charlotte Ruffin, ??Pat Solman and  Keith Burke ???

Hope everyone had a great time!


10/28/21 04:22 PM #851    


Doris Flood (Burton)

Can you share the class photo that one can expand?  I have a hard time seeing the individuals, too!

10/30/21 09:16 PM #852    


James A "Jim" White

See if the class picture on the home page will expand. And if so and you know the classmates without names, please let us know.

10/31/21 02:29 PM #853    


Doris Flood (Burton)

Can someone make the photo ID class picture of the 55th reunion where we can enlarge it to read the names?  Sorry to be a bother.  My eyesight (even trying with a magnifying glass) is poor.  Thanks for your efforts.  I have a pretty good list.  I just need for some of the people to identify those who are around them to get  most of the names.

Front row (l-r): Rita Parnell Rhymes (?), Jim Napier, Linda White Johnson,Jeff Arthur, Pat Soleman, Mary Francis Sallee Salyards, Pam Berry Davis, Charlotte Ruffin McKay, Larry Blount (in front next to alien), Tiny Dunlap Moran, Donna Kirkenbuel, Molly Orr Crockett, Betsy Frisinger Stormont, Karen Harrington Ream, Doreen Williams, Karen McCarty Fink, Roger Price, Jim White, Paul Zielinski, Mary Ann Coons McCullough.

Back row (l-r): Keith Burks, Billy Sloan, Dale Frost, Tom Alexander, Mike Shannon, Robert Newport, ______________ (male), Dickie Davis, _______________ (male covered by Tiny Dunlap), Robert Oyler, Roger Carl, Jim Sanders, Bob Ream , Denny Hunter, George Hunker, _____________ (male), John Rommell.

I guess at the people with (?) by their names.  Those name may not be right. 

Can any of those who were there fill in the blanks about those people standing around them?

11/01/21 01:11 PM #854    


Roger Carl

Good work Doris...  I see Robert Newport just left of Elk's head on back row.

Carl for my last name, please...

11/02/21 09:18 AM #855    


Doris Flood (Burton)

Sorry, Roger.  I knew your last name started with a "C".  My brain was not "in gear".  I recognize Robert now that you say his name.  Thanks.


11/03/21 01:42 PM #856    

Mary Frances Sallee (Salyards)

Hello, Doris! Maybe I can help a little to fill in some of the blanks In the picture. Standing to the right of Linda (White) Johnson is Jeff Arhur, then Pat Soleman, I am to the right of Pat - Mary (Sallee) Salyards. Lois (Whited) Lorentz was not able to attend. I myself did not get the opportunity to get around to seeing everyone there, which I regret, but maybe there will be another opportunity. Loved seeing the ones I was able to visit with. Thanks, hope all are doing well!

11/05/21 07:30 AM #857    


Doris Flood (Burton)

Thanks, Mary.  I have noted your changes and additions.  Appreciate your help.

11/09/21 04:51 PM #858    

Bobbye Allison (Ray)

Class of RHS 66 is still a great looking bunch of people! Thank you for all your efforts, sorry I could not be there.

11/22/21 11:12 AM #859    


James A "Jim" White


I do not know if you prefer writing postcards, greeting cards or letters – any is much appreciated. Dropping a note to these folks today would also be much appreciated!

The Stayton Residence


2501 Museum Way

Ft. Worth, TX 76107

(not a permanent address - perhaps for the next month only)


225 Brookview Drive

Hurst, TX 76054

BOBBY ALLISON (Ernie/Ernestine)

1453 E. Beach Blvd. #306

Pass Christian, MS 39571

There are others suffering difficult health issues but I am not aware. The one thing I know is these three really appreciate contact. They care about you. I hope you care about them enough to make this extra effort. We love you all.

Jim (and Kathy) White - currently in Palm Springs

11/24/21 11:30 AM #860    

Brenda Day

Brenda Day

4813 Greenwood Dr.

Rosenberg, Texas.

Not sure where that I live in Vegas came from.  I have never lived there.

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