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12/07/23 05:12 AM #1014    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

Jim, please let us know. 'Tis the season to be joyful!

12/07/23 09:05 AM #1015    


Michaele Austin (Kelly)

I would be willing to help pay for the renewal also. This is one of the only ways to keep up with our classmates and hear what they are doing. I read whatever is posted as I get the emails as I'm sure others do.


12/08/23 12:22 AM #1016    


Robin E. Lostetter

Yes, Jim, please let us know what is due and how to send a contribution.  If several of us contribute, it will be easy on everyone -- including YOU!  We appreciate your faithful work!

12/08/23 11:33 AM #1017    


Charlotte Howell (Nix)

Hi Jim,

Please let me know how to contribute.  I'd be happy to!!  Merry Christmas!  Blessings to all.

12/10/23 09:34 AM #1018    


Robert "Rob" Newport


I will contribute, too.


12/12/23 01:26 PM #1019    


Terry Michael Boone

....and me too!smiley  Jim, you and I had already talked about me contributing-so don't forget.

12/17/23 05:51 PM #1020    


James A "Jim" White

First, thank you to all who volunteered to help our treasury keep this website functioning. I have not spoken with our treasurer, PAM BERRY DAVIS, yet, but will. I am not certain of all the charges. So far they have only hit my credit card with one charge. Sometimes, there are up to three ... like the website, then the security of it, then the extra storage for the many pictures and video's we have, and so on. I will let you know soon, or maybe after Christmas when the full charges start to hit.


•   Marla Gibson (Frey)  12/19 - Yes, our sweet So-Cal girl. Happy birthday in 2 days, Marla, and let us know how your rowing team is doing.
•   James (Jim) Harvey Sanders  12/27 - This very nice classmate drove from Portland, OR (I think) to visit classmates like JILL WEBSTER REED and LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSEN in Ft. Worth area. Let us know anything I got wrong, Jim, and any others classmates you visited on your trip.
•   Robert Scaling  12/28 - This SW New Mexico golfer is wanted in SE Texas for a golf game with LOUIS BAGWELL. Robert received a stupid email from me regarding an RV trip to the Winery. It must have been totally confusing (yes, old Jim White must have severe dementia). Actually, it was meant for ROBERT OYLER, who also RV's.
•   Louis Bagwell  12/29 - Lacking a golf game with ROBERT SCALING, Louis is kind enough to plan a visit in a couple months to Galverston Island to visit with me. Of course, we all know, it is Galverson Island Louis really loves and I just happen to be an excuse for a visit. Perhaps HERKY VEACH can come the same time. Can BARBY MITCHELL come again?
•   Jimmy Goolsby  12/29 - I tried to visit Jim one time in Wyoming (I think) but was not successful. We have not talked in years. We all hope he is doing well.

LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSEN appreciates this class website and hearing from classmates. Laurie is thinking over some pending, or possible, surgeries (aren't we all?). Right now, Laurie is really working on trying to figure out a cruise out of Galveston. If anyone has access to Handicapped (wheelchair) Van they know for sale, let Laurie know. You can tell her in the Christmas card you send: :-)  6817 Glen Meadow Drive  Ft. Worth, Texas 76132

BARBARA BUZBEE is doing fine, still the yoga master, swimmer and more. We should all work to be as fit as Barbara. MARDI GONYEA NICKLIN, quit having so much fun in California, you party animal. KAREN McCARTY MESSINA remarried some time after her husband died. It seems to be a good fit but they never stop going to concerts, on trips, out dancing, whatever. Hooray for you, Karen.

I/we need classmates to report passings to me. I do not think I have had one in two years told to the class memorial page. As our age group, we lose about two a month. Please read obituaries and check on your classmate friends and post in memorial page, or report to me and I will.

BOB and KAREN REAM, hope to see you end of January. One thing I wonder about are those that we know are very active, MARY HUSEMOLLER, JUDI ADAMS MORRIS, ELIZABETH GWARTNEY LOWNEY (in her New 55-Plus AZ community) and others, why are they (you) so quiet? When everyone does not chip into the conversations, it comes out looking like a Jim White blog ...which is is not!

Where are you spending Christmas? Kathy and I are in Washington State for 40 days then back towards the sun at Jamaica Beach on Galveston Island. Our pictures are from Palm Springs a couple years ago. Will you please post some pictures, so I am not the only one who embarrasses themselves, and let us know what you are up to? Have a very Merry Christmas.

~Jim White

12/18/23 09:54 AM #1021    


Gilbert "Butch" Colbert





And a Merry Christmas said The Grinch.  No, that's not me, just one of the many costumes worn this year at the Texas Renaissance Festival this past season.  Jim said that other people should post something on the website, so here is my contribution just for the Holidays.  Mele Kalikimaka to all.

12/18/23 04:50 PM #1022    


Gilbert "Butch" Colbert

Just because I posted a picture of The Grinch earlier, don't think I don't love Christmas.  Here in the photo I have on one of my favorite Christmas shirts showcasing my fictional (?) hero - Godzilla - as he celebrates the season in his indomitable fashion.



12/19/23 01:46 PM #1023    


James A "Jim" White

As Christmas approaches, way too fast, we think of at least two classmates, MARY MAULDIN GARCIA and CAROL NORMAL CONOWAY who will be spending their first Christmas in 50+ years without their lifelong mates. Blessings to you two classmates and the others who lost their spouses this year but I am not aware.

Happy Birthday to MARLA GIBSON FREY today. Marla, why don't you share with us how many presents you lost out on during your life because your birthday was so close to Christmas?

Special thanks to BUTCH COLBERT who shared a couple thoughts about Christmas with us. They do make one think. Godzilla? Really? ha ha Why don't some of you follow his good example and post something?

Did I mention I took my granddaughters to the VFW for a Santa visit? Share your Christmas with us.

12/29/23 08:45 PM #1024    


James A "Jim" White

Happy Birthday 🎉🎂 today to one of Houston's finest (retired) attorneys, LOUIS BAGWELL, and one of Casper, Wyoming's finest citizens, JIMMY GOOLSBY. You can click on the Home Page to see January 🎈 birthda
About now, MARDI GONYEA NICKLIN, will be moping around the California beach scene as she prepares to go back to her beloved Texas. She has really been having fun with relatives in CA the past two months. Frankly, Mardi has been acting 20 years younger than her age.

JIM BROWN almost has his mission style museum completed in Tulerosa. Stop by and see his detail and artwork. It is impressive.

Dear LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSON is trying to determine an easy way to transport she and her wheelchair to Galveston. If you have any ideas, let her know. Laurie has a cruise on her bucket list. Don't we all?

Did I mention I spoke with BETSY FRISINGER STORMONT recently? She is doing well and still in contact with a couple of classmates.

Write and tell us about your Christmas or goals for 2024.

12/31/23 11:41 PM #1025    


James (Jim) H. Sanders

2023 Year End Summary (My sincere apologies for being a reader of, but mostly non-contributing member of our group for several years now.)

It’s been a very interesting/eventful year for Janet (Las Cruces Mayfield ’76) & me.

Christmas Break of 2022 we flew to Ft. Worth to visit with Janet’s mother (now 94 years young), her younger sister Karen, her daughter Hana and her daughter Hayley; 4 generations all living in one house.

I managed to connect with H.D. Reed and set up a visit with him and JILL WEBSTER REED at her memory care facility. Jill & I were 3rd grade classmates in Mrs. French’s 3rd grade class at Parkview Elementary School, and might have been in Mrs. Riley’s second grade class or Mrs. Little’s 1st grade class as well. Jill was looking great and in good spirits; we had a good time talking and reliving some memories.



Janet and I were also fortunate to connect with LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSEN for lunch at Olive Garden, then drove over to her then new digs at The Vantage, a very nice looking (spiffy 😊) assisted living community. Laurie had kept her husband’s wheelchair after his passing, and had it modified to fit her needs.  What a courageous lady!  Not sure that I could deal with the physical challenges she’s been dealt these past few years.



Moving back to this year’s events:

March – Janet turns 65 (finally) Medicare Part A enrollment and files retirement pension paperwork. (She survived 23 years in Oregon & 5 in Idaho teaching middle schoolers math & algebra!)

June – Janet retires at end of school year; we immediately head out for a week at a Wallowa Lake campground with The Cascade Prime Timers, a 55++ hiking, skiing, etc. club.

July - We put the ‘kids’ in their cages, load up the 5th wheel and head up to the Olympic Peninsula (Olympic National Park) for 10 days of bicycling with The Bike Bunch, a Portland based bicycling club. (Janet is an avid biker, and the recent purchase of an e-bike has enabled me to get back on one).  We had 3 base camps (Forks, WA; Port Angeles / Sequim, WA; and Port Townsend, WA. Thoroughly enjoyable trip.  The ‘kids’, btw are Amy, a 26 year-old Congo Grey parrot and Rainbow, aka Bo, a 2 year-old parakeet)

August – We pack up the trailer again and head to the Oregon Coast at Bandon for 3 or 4 days of bicycling with The Bike Bunch.  This time, however, we’re pulling the old trailer with a one ton crew cab pickup we acquired when we got back to Portland from the Olympic Peninsula.

September – We are beginning to execute our plan to downsize the house and use net proceeds to acquire a newer. larger trailer that’s more suitable for extended travelling and longer stays, i.e. part-timing on the road, though not to the extent that JIM and KATHY WHITE are doing.  Our 5-year plan/goal is to visit as many of our National Parks as possible.  I’d like to connect with as many classmates as possible, as well.

October – At the end of September, we set off on a 3-week trip down Hwy 101 in California to see The Redwoods National Park followed by a couple of days at Pinnacles N.P., then on to Las Vegas for Jim’s 4-day bowling camp. (We saw ‘The Beatles Love’ again while there, and it did not disappoint.)  We left Las Vegas and drove northeast, heading for Zion N.P., as I had spotted a listing for a 5th wheel on consignment at a dealership in Jerome, Idaho. After a 3-night stay near Zion, we headed north through Salt Lake City & stopped in Ogden for the night. (BTW, the FARR Better Ice Cream shop in Ogden is a MUST.) We drove to Jerome the next morning, looked at the 5th wheel, cut a deal on it, then spent the night camped out in the dealership’s parking lot. We drove back to Portland over the next few days, then returned to Jerome the next Friday and bought the new trailer Saturday morning.  Back to Boise that evening, then on home to Portland that Sunday.



November-December – RECOVERY MODE  Do you realize how much paper and how many books a math teacher can accumulate in 28 years of teaching ?!?  It could start quite a bonfire. Downsizing all out ‘stuff’ is going to take quite a while; we’ve been in the same house for nearly 24 years now!


We’re hitting the airways again (but now don’t have to travel when everyone else in the USA is travelling…..YAY!)  We are planning to spend January 6th-13th in Ft. Worth with Jan’s family and the 13th-20th in Las Cruces with my mother (she celebrates 95 on the 16th) & sister.   Off to the Daytona Beach area in February to visit our daughter’s family; our granddaughter (Regina Louise Jackson – aka Reggie Jackson; yes, Grampa is a Yankee fan) is a first grader this year. 

What else can I say?  Yes, I’m a ‘cradle-robber’, and we got off to a late start with kids. At the RHS-GHS 20th reunion, we had to find a baby sitter for our oldest, who was only 6 months old.



01/02/24 10:34 AM #1026    


Terry Michael Boone

HI Jim,

Thanks for posting this very interesting update.  That fifth wheel looks pretty nice, but you are going to have to log a lot of miles to catch up with Jim and Kathy. smiley

Best wishes to all for a great 2024!

01/03/24 12:45 PM #1027    


Gilbert "Butch" Colbert

The photo below is a blast from the past.  My mother bought a car from Massey Auto Sales in the sixties or early seventies.  Upon purchasing the vehicle, they gave her a pie server (in the photo) and an ice cream scoop.  I inherited both of them and still use the ice cream scoop.  Does anyone else have any old, labeled kitchen utensils from Roswell?


02/17/24 09:14 AM #1028    


Dennis R. Hunter

Hi all ....

Just a bit of information on the website and the costs associated with them.  Normally you would be getting information from Jim, but Kathy just had surgery and I have taken a bit of the load off Jim so he can concentrate on Kathy's recovery.

The website cost are broken down into two areas ... SSI certificate and Website hosting.  What has come due (and I paid last week) is the SSI cost of $35/yr.  I paid this for two years.  The second part is the webiste hosting cost which is coming due in April 2024)..  That is a cost of $220/yr. 

Now the big question is how to get these cost paid for.  After talking with Pam Berry (treasurer) she indicated that we have sufficient fund to cover both cost, so NO CONTRIBUTIONS are needed at this time.  I will renew the hosting in April and then get Pam to send me a check to cover that cost (she is forwarding me the $70 to cover cost already expensed).

So website is covered for another year/two year timeframe out of available fund.

On another note, Pam had back surgery in Nov and just started back to work this past week. 

So please keep both of these individuals in your prayers and toughts until they recover (which at our ages ... takes a lot more time to get back on our feet).




02/19/24 06:54 AM #1029    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

Denny, Thank you for the updates as they are much appreciated.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Kathy and Pam for swift recoveries. And for those who are keeping their challenges and frailties closely held.


02/19/24 10:53 PM #1030    


James A "Jim" White

A special "thank you' to DENNY HUNTER for making the effort to make certain the class website stays active. He did this on his own whereas he could just have been riding around or polishing his classic car.

We are sorry to learn of PAM BERRY DAVIS' recent back surgery. Best wishes for a quick recovery, Pam. Along that line, PEGGY WARE KOGER will have serious back surgery herself on the 27th of this month. If you prayer warriors care to pray or just send best wishes, please do so. Peggy will appreciate it. Kathy and I are.praying.

Speaking of my wife, KATHY, she just had Total Knee Replacement a week ago. Of course, we have learned from experience, meaning TERRY BOONE, that it will be worth it once it is healed. Poor Kathy. She is stuck with me waiting on her in our RV ... pretty limiting.  :-)

I failed to catch up with BUTCH COLBERT my trip to Lake Conroe. My apologies, Butch. We did manage to hook up with BOB and KAREN HARRINGTON REAM in a small window of time. They are toying with moving back to Oklahoma but we will see what the future holds for them.

HERKY VEATCH and MARY met with Kathy and me for dinner. Thanks, Herky, and we will see you again before we leave the Island. Now, I need to track down LOUIS BAGWELL. He loves coming the Galveston Island.

The next three birthdays, according to our front page, are CHAROLETTE RUFFIN McKAY, DR. JIM BAIRD and MARY HUSEMOLLER. Happy birthday, folks.

03/07/24 02:46 PM #1031    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

Saw a meme I thought I would pass along.

03/08/24 09:58 AM #1032    


Doris Flood (Burton)

So true, Bill!

03/16/24 05:53 PM #1033    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

I am saddened to tell you all my very good friend Jim (James F.) Gill passed away today, March 16th. He was medevaced to the New Mexico Heart Hospital, Albuquerque on Friday March 15th from Roswell. His wife Shirley, children and family have not yet made funeral or memorial arrangements.  As soon as I learn the arrangements I will post them here. Jim and Shirley just celebrated the birth of their 1st grandchild Henry in late December 2023. I will be adding "In Memory" comments within the week. Please keep his family in your prayers.

Bill Sloan

03/17/24 11:03 AM #1034    

Roger Price

Thanks for the info on Jim. He was a good guy and a true friend of Roswell.

03/20/24 09:18 AM #1035    


James A "Jim" White

JIM GILL'S obituary has now been posted on his memorial page in our "In Memory" section. Thank you, MARIANNE COONS McCULLOUGH for letting me know one had been posted. Jim Gill represents the outright "Class" our class of '66 has, as does BILL SLOAN for traveling from Florida to Roswell to be a pallbearer. Yes, friendship truly lasts a lifetime. I wish all knew and felt it.

04/19/24 03:11 PM #1036    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

Picturing the day-Jim Gill Week presentation

04/20/24 01:21 PM #1037    

Julia "Jill" Webster (Reed)

Hi to all my adopted RHS-GHS classmates.  Jim White called me the other night to ask about Jill and I figured rather can call Jim back and have him have to send a message, it would be easier if I sent something to all of you instead.  Not shunning you Jim, just trying to be courteous of your time.

Jill is still in a memory care facility.  She is not where she was when Jim, Jim and Kathy came to see her.  Anne moved her to another facility about a year ago thinking the care would be better and Jill would improve.  The care is better but she has not improved.  About a month ago Anne added Hospice to her care.  She lost about 10 lbs. in February.  She doesn't want to eat.  That is normal with dementia patients.  They forget how to swallow and either starve to death or catch pneumonia because because of saliva in their lungs.

She remembers you all and is always sad when I let her know someone has passed.  She tells me that she talks to her parents almost everyday.  As you might remember, Dr. Webster was murdered by Wiley Robinson in 1982 and Joyce died of a heart attack a few months later.  I'm usually in trouble for not calling Joyce often enough.  I figure if she is talking to them, I have a direct line to heaven.

On the Thursday before Thanksgiving Jill was found on the floor of room.  It appeared she had gotten up to go to the bathroom without her walker.  She must have fallen and hit her head on the bathroom door.  She had broken her right cheek and eye socket and part of the eyeball was in the crack.  Three hour surgery on Friday and a few days in the hospital and she is okay now.  But fall risk is a big concern.  One of the reasons  for Hospice.

I'm doing well.  I know that we have done all we can for Jill.  I volunteer 2 days a week with a networking group that helps the unemployed in their job search.  Three days a week I volunteer at DFW Airport as an Ambassador..  We help lost passengers get where they need to go.  If you are ever going by information stand B9, stop and say hi.  Love reading your posts to know what is going on.

Take care.  Harold

04/21/24 03:54 PM #1038    


Charlotte Howell (Nix)

Thank you HD for updating us on Jill.  I appreciate you and all you have done to support and care for her during this difficult time.  You are both dear to my heart.  Please let Anne know that I am thankful that you both have her to support and care for you.  Take care and know that you all are in my prayers.   Charlotte Howell (Nix)

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