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08/17/21 03:50 PM #772    


James A "Jim" White

Today would have been CLIFF SANDERS 73rd birthday, if he were alive. That is WHY Marianne Coons McCullough is striving to host a 55th HS Reunion October 15-16, 2021. See people that you care about and those that have history with you and care about you before they, or you, pass. Please complete survey on upper left side of the home page if you have not already, or need to change your survey.

We are struggling to find a hotel with a shuttle bus, if there is one in Roswell. Hopefully hotel will be named within a week. See you in October, hopefully.

08/18/21 08:42 PM #773    


James A "Jim" White


Baymont by Wyndham

2300 N. Main Street

Roswell, NM 88201

(575) 578-2302

We have 20 rooms (10 King/10 Queen) reserved until September 30th when they will be released. The cost is $89 plus tax (note: rooms go up to $200 in October, especially NMMI Homecoming and Reunion weekend, which October 15th is). The hotel will increase the 20 rooms reserved IF more than that call right away. Otherwise, reunion attendees will be fighting for rooms and prices.

Be certain to let them know you are with the Roswell & Goddard High Schools (class of ’66) Reunion in order to have the $89 Room Rate. Discounts are for reservations of October 14-15-16 or October 15-16. More reunion details coming soon. We look forward to seeing you there.

08/20/21 07:44 PM #774    


James A "Jim" White

More reunion news. First, save us some embarrassment. We are trying to prepare a somewhat accurate list of reunion attendees. We realize we might be off 5-10% but do NOT want to be off count by 30%. Check the list below and, if you are planning to attend, (1) see if your name is on the list, (2) see that spouse or guest name is correct, including spelling [we do NOT want to list ex-spouses, etc.].

COST: The cost will be $40 per attendee, classmate or spouse (yes, $80 a couple). The fee covers our cost for printing and mailing the entire class, room rental, security required by NM laws, and heavy Hors D'oeurves. What are "heavy" Hors D'oeurves? Almost a meal for light eating seniors but not quite. Both nights will be basically Happy Hour type events with a cash bar; coffee and tea should be free, no banquet dinner, no speakers, no live dance music, nothing but good conversation about those classmates attending, and about those that have passed. We love stories.

ROOMS: We have a block of rooms a Baymont by Wyndham at a cost of $89. However, we find several. classmates have gotten rooms at Comfort Inn for $59. Some have reservations elsewhere. It is up to you.

55-Year Class of 1966 Reunion in Roswell October 15-16  
Classmate Name Guest  
Alexander, Tom    
Arthur, Thomas Jeff   ?yes?  
Berning (Zinn), Rhonda    
Berry (Davis), Pam Dick Davis  
Bradley, Frank Betty  
Carl, Roger    
Coons (McCullough), Marianne    
Davis, Sam Mitzi  
Dunlap (Moran), Dorothy "Tiny" Sammy  
Flood (Burton), Doris Gary  
Gadberry, Bob Linda  
Garrett, Hank Kathy  
Gouge (Brooks), Donnia Marie Danny  
Harrington (Ream), Karen Sue Bob Ream  
Hatch, Lloyd E.    
Hunter, Dennis R. Joanne  
Husemoller, Mary Bill  
Jennings (Richburg), Judy Gary  
Livingston, Timothy A.    
Marquess, Edgar "Eddie"    
Mauldin (Garcia), Mary    
Maxwell (Vandewart), Linda    
McCarty (Fink), Karen    
McCombs (Patton), Betty Gordon  
Miller (Michael), Marilyn Bill  
Miller, Les Gayle  
Moore (Wilson), Karen Mickey  
Napier, James Linda  
Nett (Hudson-Martin), Donna    
Newport, Robert "Rob"    
Orr (Crockett), Molly    
Oyler, Robert "Bob" Francis Anne  
Parham, Chuck Lupe  
Parnell (Rhymes), Rita    
Price, Roger    
Randolph, Larry Joe Susan  
Reese, Joe    
Reeves, Scott Deborah  
Reichle (Steep), Sharon Dave  
Reynolds, Walton "Wally"    
Rommel, John Connie  
Ruffin (McKay), Charolette Roy  
Sanders, James (Jim) Harvey    
Scaling, Robert Beverly  
Shannon, Mike Everal  
Shuey (Andersen), Laurie Anne    
Sloan, William Samuel "Bill" Margie  
Smith, Steven W Kathryn  
Soleman, Pat Debbie  
Sparkman (Hutchens), Linda    
Sutherland, Craig    
Veatch, R. E. Herky Mary  
Westenbarger, Rodney "Rod" Myra  
White, James A "Jim" Kathy  
Whited (Lorentzen), Lois John  
Williams, Doreen Jim  
Wilson, MaryLou    
Zielinski, Paul Anthony    


Finally, let me remind you this is your classmate website and we wish you to participate. This is NOT a Jim White Blog although it has that appearance with my writing  8 out of every 10 submissions. Please feel free to write, tell us what you are doing, report your health situation, ask questions and make comments.

08/21/21 08:21 AM #775    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

Our classmate Jim Gill is being honored as the Eastern New Mxico State Fair 2021 Parade GRAND Marshall! He is recognized for his many significant contributions to Roswell, Chaves County, Pecos Valley, and Rio Grande Valley agriculture. Check out a very accurate and laudatory story about him on the Eastern New Mexico State Fair website under GRAND Marshall.  Well deserved recognition my friend! Thank you Cindy Eakens (Guy) for bringing to my attention our friend's honor.     

AND Jim, on your Rattlesnake Chile seeds please add the caution "Only 1 pepper per quart of salsa for VERY HOT!"

08/22/21 07:26 AM #776    


Doris Flood (Burton)

Where is the best site to offer congratulations to Jim Gill on his recognition as Grand Marshall for Eastern New Mexico State Fair? I wasn't sure if he frequented the class website or not.

08/22/21 08:25 AM #777    


Diana M. Codling (Reed)

Loved reading the article about Jim Gill. Heard echos from the past in his quotes; looks like he's retained his sense of humor.  Thanks for the heads up Bill.

08/22/21 12:34 PM #778    


Doris Flood (Burton)

Marianne, I can help you wherever you need help before and during the reunion.  Gary and I plan to drive to Roswell from Kimball, Nebraska on Thursday, October 14.  I can be at your disposal to help on site on Friday and Saturday.  Just let me know what you need me to do.  If there is something I can help with from here, just let me know.

08/22/21 02:43 PM #779    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

For Doris and others' Post congrats to Jim on this website. I am writing a quick note addresses to Shirley so it will be read. I am asking Jim if I should buy him movie star shades and a slouch hat so he won't be recognized by the adoring public (I write tongue in cheek.)

08/26/21 07:14 AM #780    


Dennis R. Hunter

I have recieved and have now posted a new photo provided by Robin Lostetter (memorial page for Carolyn Loveless) and will post here for all to see.


Left to Right: Carolyn Loveless Schlicher, Betty Bacon Petkovich, Molly Orr Crockett, Pat Scott West, Marilyn Miller Michael (in front of Pat), Robin Lostetter


08/27/21 08:15 PM #781    


Robin E. Lostetter

Thanks, Denny for posting.

Now, if someone can verify which reunion this is from, I'd be grateful.  My "orderly" photos are with some stored stuff at my daughter's in Pittsburgh. This lone photo has been on laptop after laptop, but has no original date. And I don't remember which reunions I was fortunate to attend.

Wishing you all a wonderful time at the 55th!  Looking forward to photos!

Safe travels!

08/27/21 09:21 PM #782    

James (Jim) Harvey Sanders

Congrats to Jim Gill on being named Grand Marshal of  the 2021 Easter New Mexico State Fair !  A well deserved honor for one of our 'nerdy' classmates.  Hope we have some time to reconnect at our 55th in October.  :-)

08/28/21 11:13 AM #783    


Marilyn Miller (Michael)

I think the picture with Robin was for our 25th??? 

08/29/21 01:23 PM #784    


Laurie Anne Shuey (Andersen)


Dear Classmates of 1966,

Is anyone interested in cars, racing, dancing, good food, and drinks?  If you are, please let me know ASAP, and I can arrange something at Donnie’s Pit Stop Grill in Ruidoso for Thursday, October 14th, the day before the reunion in Roswell.  The large new patio can accommodate an extra 50 people or provide room for dancing.  Vote for your favorite cuisine or peruse the standard menu. They are licensed for beer, wine, and NM liquor.  A few of us are already planning to meet there for drinks and dinner starting around 4 pm on Thursday, October 14th. I’ll be staying at a hotel within walking distance. If you would like to stay overnight in Ruidoso the night before the reunion, call me about hotels next to the restaurant. Most of us have great memories of Ruidoso growing up. Whoever stays overnight on the 14th in Ruidoso, has the option of visiting the Peter Hurd Art Museum and Winery, casinos and more attractions along on the way to Roswell on Friday the 15th.

After he retired from the USAF and the “beltway bandits,” my late husband, Andy, traveled with Don Istook, Donnie’s owner, on the Rolex racing circuit. Oh, the stories they could tell!.  Don is also helping to restore Andy’s 1965 Sunbeam Tiger, which accelerated my husband’s heartbeat long before he ever met me in ’71. Don will do everything in his power to help those that come to Ruidoso on Thursday night have a great time. Besides, it is always nice to meet a few classmates before the reunion so you know people.

I don’t have anyone’s contact info, so please pass the word in case anyone else would like to join us in Ruidoso.  I can provide more details if you are interested:  
(Email)  laurie1217@charter.net 
(Voice Mail) Primary phone is 817-346-7683 (H)  
(Text) Cell phone is 817-789-0600


08/29/21 10:04 PM #785    


James A "Jim" White

Keeping up with classmates:

LAURIE SHUEY ANDERSEN has a great idea for those that have a good memories of Ruidoso. Come a day early and visit with a few of your classmates on Thursday, October 14th. Laurie has her contact information on her post. If you are spending that much money to come to the reunion, add another day and increase your joy. Make certain Laurie knows your intention to attend in Ruidoso if you plan so, Her friend, Don, really wants to take care of us ... maybe even spoil us.

JOHNNY CLARK is close to, but luckily not in the eye of the Hurricane Ida. Keep him in your prayers. Another classmate, O'DEAN CARROLL RAY lives in Shreveport, LA. Three classmates live in MS. Luckily BOBBY ALLISON is not at his home in Pass Christian, MS (he is in Colorado) but his home will take a beating. He has already lost one home on the coast. Another classmate in Gulfport, MS that will take somewhat of a beating is PAT SCOTT-WEST. Finally, someone facing a lot of rain and wind and possible damage, but luckily not on the coast, will be BARBARA RABY GREGG.  RODNEY WESTENBARGER'S sister, DONNA (Class of '67) was hit dead on by hurricanes twice last year and will have remnants of this hurricane too.

BOYCE McFARLAND is in Sweden as we speak. They could not leave the U.S. earlier this year as ANNIE'S mother, age 107, passed away in Sweden, where she has lived all her life. TERRY BOONE, not wanting to be outdone, is planning a trip to Antartica (I am told).

I could put out a pending surgery list but it includes too many. We just pray for everyone's health.

Finally, let those of us that pray, let us pray for our fallen soldiers and may we make an exit from Afghanistan without anymore loss of lives, American or Afhanistan. Bless the 4,500 military personnel protecting the Kabul Airport at present.

08/30/21 08:52 PM #786    


Marilyn Miller (Michael)

Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that my daughter Jamie has gotten an invitation to run the Boston Marathon.  She has been a runner for about 20 years and has run several marathons, including Boston, but she thinks this will probably be her last marathon. She has been training for a few months for another run, so is in good shape and she decided this opportunity was probably never going to come again, so she is taking it.  She was 3 seconds off the qualifying time when she tried to qualify in the New York Marathon two years ago, so I guess they decided that was is close enough!   But… the problem is that  the marathon is October 11, and I have been there for every marathon she has run, so she asked me to go.  We won’t get home until midnight on the 13th. I could probably have jumped on a plane two days later twenty years ago, but I know how exhausted I’ll be-just as an observer--and there is no way I can do that at this age.  So. I’m not going to be able to attend the reunion after all; I think this is the first one I've missed. So, have a great time without me and I'll see you at the 60th'

08/31/21 01:38 PM #787    


Dennis R. Hunter

Ah ... hell we all are old and tired. Many of us will drive a distance to get there so get on the plane and come see those that make it for this event!  Who knows who will make it to a 60yr reunion. Come enjoy with the rest of us!! Love to see you!!!

09/01/21 05:10 AM #788    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

For Laurie Andersen, If the gathering in Ruidoso is Sunday or Monday then Margie and I would be really glad to join you!

For Marilyn, Wishing for you safe travels and a fun time and for your daughter pulling for her to have a GREAT time in her running. 

09/02/21 01:58 PM #789    


Roger Carl

Greetings to all--it's been a while since I contributed anything here.  Health issues have influenced me the last few months.  To summarize, I just got a full release from the cardiac surgeon who did a heart valve repair for me five weeks ago.  I first knew I had a leaky valve in 1969 at an Army pre-draft physical.  They decided it was not bad enough to avoid the draft and I served my six years as a National Guard grunt without much problem from the heart.  So now fifty years later, it finally got bad enough to do something.  Charleston is blessed with good medical facilities and my surgeon did a minimally invasive (robot assisted) procedure where he was able to salvage the old valve and do some other work to hopefully minimize AFIB.  (A valve job and tuneup has a certain ring from days of my youth.)

So, it looks like I can probably travel in October.  I will wait a little to make sure the Covid surge doesn't impact our gathering.  South Carolina is right now #1 in USA percapita for infections.  We might not be able to sneak across the border.

09/04/21 03:00 AM #790    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

For Chuck Parham and Jim White- wishing for yoiu a birtday celebration filled with fun and laughter! Bil

09/04/21 03:03 AM #791    

William Samuel "Bill" Sloan

Roger, Hoping all goes well with your new valve so you may travel to the Land of Enchantment. I know many people would like to catch up with your adventures in living!

09/04/21 07:14 PM #792    


Dennis R. Hunter

Same here happy birthday guys!

09/05/21 05:02 AM #793    


Chuck Parham

To Bill Sloan and Jim White, happy belated birthday brothers and best wishes for the year ahead. Hope all is well with you and yours!

09/05/21 11:14 AM #794    


Doris Flood (Burton)

Happy belated Birthday to all you guys from me, too! Sorry I missed "the day"!!!

09/10/21 08:05 AM #795    

Robert Scaling

Does anyone know if there wil be a mask mandate at our class reunion reception in October? Thanks.

09/10/21 11:05 AM #796    


Marianne Coons (McCullough)

I will have to let you know closer to the reunion.  Friday night is outdoors and Saturday is indoors.

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