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•   Barbara Baine "Barby" Mitchell (Stagner)  7/22
•   Rita Parnell (Rhymes)  7/22
•   Rita Eudy  7/29
•   Joseph Robert Zaneski  7/29
•   Molly Orr (Crockett)  8/1
•   Patrick "Pat" Soleman  8/5
•   Mike Turner  8/10
•   Marianne Coons (McCullough)  8/11
•   Robert "Rob" Newport  8/13
•   Nancy Arnold (Benson)  8/15
•   Marilyn "Bunny" Hillman  8/18
•   Bill Martin  8/18
•   Robert "Bob" Francis Oyler  8/18
•   Dennis L Tucker (Enyart-Tucker)  8/18
•   Dian Winans (Huddle)  8/18


•   James F "Jim" Gill  2024
•   Carl Spencer  2020
•   Mary Rose Escamilla (Graham)  2020
•   Glenda Cummins (Sutton)  2022
•   Ronald "Ron" Coggins  2022
•   Mary Ellen Bunton (Wagner)  2021
•   Edwin "Dusty" Huckabee  2021
•   Laura Anne Knight (Atkins)  2021
•   Johnny M. Morgan  2019
•   Charles J. "Chip" King  2020
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•   Louise Ybarra (Christensen)  6/26
•   Becky Lynn Gwartney (Smith)  6/1
•   Pamala Ann "Pam" Liston (Ricks)  5/30
•   Craig W. Sutherland  3/24
•   Gilbert "Butch" Colbert  3/19
•   Dennis R. Hunter  3/4
•   James (Jim) H. Sanders  12/18
•   Dixie Wolfgang/Painter (Loy)  12/5
•   Robert A Markham  10/18
•   Marilyn "Bunny" Hillman  8/12
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 37.1%

A:   198   Joined
B:   335   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


55-YEAR REUNION held in October 2021. 

Sorry, we do not mean to offend but going by memory, we listed females by maiden names, not married names.



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This site is not about waistlines, hairlines or credit lines.
It’s about lifelines.
It’s about reconnecting with our friends from
some of the best years of our lives.
It is about caring for our classmates and their families !
Nothing more,
Nothing less.

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NOTICE: Classmates are permitted to post comments on "WHATS NEW" with freedom to express their reasonable ideas and opinions. Rebuttals are allowed. However, be aware that our class, like our nation, is divided arout 50/50 on politics and religion. Please, please, please be kind with your comments. Our classmates love each other so let us keep it that way ..... Okay? If this practice is abused or causes hard feelings, we will go back to "no political or religious statements."


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